Team Talk

The Road to Distinctions September 7, 2015


Kudos are in order for Dr. Jackson and Ms. Williams for setting up shop in the cafeteria during lunch and signing up 89 scholars for an upcoming college fair. This action is aligned with one of FDR's core beliefs "Staff members must have a commitment to preparing scholars for post-secondary success.

Kudos are also in order for Ms. Moore whose scholars sent her a text message when they were absent to get their assignment for the day. This a great example of classroom culture and high expectations.

Join me in Giving Coach Randall Johnson a pat on the back for coaching his scholar athletes to victory over Pinkston High School this past Friday night. The game was announced by our very own Ms. Johnson-Redd.

Instructional Rounds

Learning Walks, Instructional Rounds (AKA Engagement Walks)

One way of inspecting what you expect is to conduct learning walks. This type of instructional round is done to identify a problem of practice and design professional development sessions to address the problem. Dating back from the 2014-2015 school, we have been focusing on student engagement. Data from the student perception survey for the campus indicates that only 53% of our scholars feel that they are engaged during instruction. We will once again place a focus on engagement along with rigor, relevance, and relationships to continue to improve student achievement. We have made great gains because we have great teachers. It is now time to turn up the temperature as we strive for distinctions.

In the next few weeks we will have a group of principals from the Roosevelt Feeder along with our Executive Director conduct an Instructional Round and give us feedback that will be shared with the entire staff. A date for this will be communicated soon.

Our known engagement strategies range from the eight multiple response strategies, from the "Teach Like A Champion" techniques of everybody writes, 100%, and Do now. You can even extend our engagement strategies to accountable talk using the anchor charts that are posted in every classroom.

New Teacher Check In

We are asking that all new teachers and their mentors make plans to meet Wednesday September 9, at 4:30 p.m. in the media center conference room for a chat and chew session. This is an informal session where you will have the opportunity to fellowship and express concerns about topics such as the SLO, PDP, and other items of concern.