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Week of 9/27/21 - 10/01/21

Letter from Principal Nelson

Cougar Nation!

We are so appreciative of all of the parents and guardians who are going out of their way to help our campus remain the greatest middle school in all the land! Why just this week we now have microwaves for kids to use in the cafeteria, thanks to y’all’s generous donation, and our staff will be treated to breakfast once a month due to the efforts of volunteers. These signs of appreciation will help keep our students and our staff nourished, motivated, and ready for the Fall.

We also want to thank our fantastic PTA for organizing and providing weekly Snack items for staff in the faculty lounge. They gather the donated goods, prominently display them, then we send out the all-call and teachers come a-runnin’! It’s the perfect way to break up the day and ensures our teachers never get hangry, which keeps them nice as pie for our kids. For some teachers, it’s the only time they make it down to the first floor each week so this gift serves two-fold; needed nourishment and social contact.


We knew coming into this year that our students’ largest gaps over the last two years of online learning would be in mathematics, we just didn’t know how large the deficit would be until after the first round of MAP growth. We were keenly aware that the lack of manipulatives, hands-on learning, and direct instruction would be cause for concern coming in and have plans to address them. The first thing we will be doing is changing the PRIDE schedule for 8th-grade students beginning this Monday. Mondays will be “Math Days” from here on out and students will use this time in their PRIDE class to work on the IXL Math program for a minimum of 30 minutes. Since we will no longer be using Mondays as grade-check days with their PRIDE teacher, you can help us with this switch by checking your grades with your student at home. Better yet, have your student get with you on Sunday night and pull up h/her Student Portal, log into Frontline SIS and show you where they are and what they need to finish or make up.

Another way to help your student is by letting them know how important math is to all walks of life and to encourage them to complete their schoolwork and homework in the subject. If they’ve nothing left to do for coursework, then ask them to log in to IXL for about 30 minutes and reward them with a sundae or even a series of sundaes. As much as we’d like to think differently, our students still see these little trees that say math only takes place in math class and we need you to show them the forest where math is part of everyday life.

Thanks for all you do. We are who we are because you are who you are.

Matthew Nelson


Clint Small Middle School

(512) 841-6705

It's spirit week!

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CSMS Band Swag Sale


T shirts, Hoodies, shorts, ball caps, jerseys, beanies. Check it out! (Links to an external site.)

​1. Items are not produced until sale is over. Expect another 3-4 weeks after sale is over to get items. (There are a lot of backorders on items due to shipping problems.
2. All items are shipped directly to the purchaser.
3. We will not sell these at school. Online purchases only.
​4. Sale ends Oct 1.


Let's show the incredible Small teachers + staff how much we appreciate them by filling up their bellies with a delicious breakfast :)

Sign up HERE to bring breakfast goodies and/or volunteer your time. on Friday, October 1st!

Note: You do not need to register for a Signup account in order to donate goodies or your time!

A parent volunteer will be at the front of school collecting items from 7:30am to 8:30am.

Peace, love and breakfast tacos!

Green Tech Academy Recruitment

It is recruiting season. We have an awesome program that kids from all over Austin come to our school to take. We can't enroll them if they don't know about us so we typically take a goat or a snake and head out to spread the word.

This year, we want to limit the number of "extra" people on campus so we will be offering very limited tours. To make up for it, we will be creating an informative webpage, full of videos of our Green Tech classes in action. We will start filming this videos this week. In order for your student to be in our video, we need a permission slip. If your Green or Tech teachers send home a media permission slip, please sign and send it back in ASAP so can use their image in our promotion videos.

If you have any questions, please email Jennifer.

Order a Yearbook

Order your yearbook before the winter break and get it for just $35. You can bring a check or cash to Mr. Shoptaw room 113 or order online at

Have your hear the new jingle staring our 6th grade choir? Check it out here.

Gifted and Talented

Due to no Cougar News edition last week, the parent nomination window is extended until midnight, Friday, October 1, 2021. If you completed a nomination on another platform, please re-nominate your Cougar for GATE identification using this link.

Parent Nominations for the GT program are open! Please click on this link

to complete the survey. Clicking submit gives AISD permission to test your student in October for entry into the GT program. If your student is already identified, you DO NOT NEED to submit a new application. The nomination window closes at midnight on Friday, October 1, 2021. You will receive notification of your child's identification or non-identification in late December. If you have questions, please contact your GT Advocate,


It is banned book week, go check out the smore from our awesome librarian Ms. Sylvia:

Football Tickets

If you want to come to the football games at Burger Center, you need to purchase your tickets online ahead of time. Please go to or download the GoFan app. to purchase your tickets.

Don't forget about the clear bag policy at the stadium.


We are starting to put together after school clubs. We have a handful so far. As they start to form, there will be flyers all over school and we will update our Clubs section of our website. If your student would like to start a club, all they need to do find a teacher willing to sponsor, then start advertising. Take a look at the Club flyer so far.
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Hi Parents! Welcome to Clint Small Middle School.

Our Teachers and Staff have been working hard getting the school, classrooms, campus, and animals ready for the school year. Here are some items that will keep them Recharged and Refreshed. Thank you for your donations in advance!

  • Bottled Water
  • Sparkling Water
  • Variety of Sodas
  • Coffee Pods for their Keurig
  • Individually wrapped tea bags
  • Single use Creamers and Sugar
  • Individually Wrapped Snacks: Trail Mix, Granola Bars, Chips, Crackers, A Variety of Candy, etc.….
  • You can also do an Amazon delivery of random snack boxes to Small Middle School, 4801 Monterey Oaks Blvd. Austin Tx 78749
  • Please drop off any donations at the front door, preferably at non-pick up times 😊
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NJHS Meetings for SY 2021-2022

All students inducted into NJHS this spring are encouraged to attend as part of participating in NJHS. Meetings will be in Mx. Manners' room, 204, from 4:00-4:45. Students have been invited to join a BLEND course for NJHS and the BLEND course will be the best place for communications and updates regarding NJHS.

  • Thursday, Sept 9
  • Thursday, Oct 14
  • Thursday, Nov 4
  • Thursday, Jan 13
  • Thursday, Feb 10
  • Thursday, Mar 10
  • Thursday, Apr 14
  • Thursday, May 5, 19

Current 7th graders who are interested in NJHS: Watch the Cougar News in October for information about applying to NJHS! If you have any questions for contact Mx. Manners at

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Join PTA

We have an enthusiastic new team of parents heading up the PTA this year. We are excited to partner with these amazing volunteers. If you have any questions regarding PTA, be sure to email our president Celeste Schooley with any questions.

In the meantime show your support for Small by joining the 21-22 PTA at

Did you know as a PTA member, you have access to discounts for car rentals,

hotels, theme parks and more? Check out this link for more perks:

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Cougar Club

We are bringing back Cougar Club for the 21-22 School year! If your student needs a safe place to go after school enroll them into Small's Cougar Club. Click here to register for next year.

Check out the flyer below

Green Academy Blog

Did you know the Green Academy has a blog? Check it out!