Nothing But the Truth

By: Brooks Hallman

Meet Phillip Malloy

Phillip Malloy is the main character in the book Nothing But the Truth by Avi. Phillip is a ninth grader in the Harrison School District. His teacher, Miss Narwin, says he is a nice looking boy. Phillip is a runner so I imagine that he is probably tall and thin. These are the only physical descriptions included in the book.

Phillip really likes to run track and would have made the school track team if his English would have been higher. He has a paper route and delivers papers in the neighborhood. He lives with his mother and father. Phillip likes a girl named Allison in his English class. His favorite subject in school is math.

Emotionaly Phillip is overly sensitive and does not take responsibility for his actions. For example, when Miss Narwin gave him a bad grade he refused to believe that he didn't do a good enough job, he just thought she had it in for him. From the way he reacts to the situation about Miss Narwin, I think that he judges his teachers just by the grades they give and not by the way they teach. He even says that he doesn't like Miss Narwin while others say they love her, which leads me to believe that he has and will have an issue with somebody that does something to him that he doesn't agree with. Phillip expects his friends to support him and is surprised when they don't. In the end, I think that Phillip regrets what he did because of all the grief that he experienced from his classmates.