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Character Education in Texas

Character Education in Texas Schools

Character education in Texas public schools has long been regarded as part of supplemental curriculum. Subsequently the decisions regarding implementation of character education are made at the district level. Included in this newsletter is information regarding character education and Texas Education Code (TEC) 29.906.

Texas Education Code (TEC) 29.906

All decisions regarding supplemental curriculum, activities, or programs are made at the local district level.

The Texas Education Code (TEC) §29.906 states that a school district may provide a character education program. The character education program must:

(1) stress positive character traits, such as:

(A) courage;

(B) trustworthiness, including honesty, reliability, punctuality, and loyalty;

(C) integrity;

(D) respect and courtesy;

(E) responsibility, including accountability, diligence, perseverance, and self-control;

(F) fairness, including justice and freedom from prejudice;

(G) caring, including kindness, empathy, compassion, consideration, patience, generosity, and charity;

(H) good citizenship, including patriotism, concern for the common good and the community, and respect for authority and the law;

(I) school pride;

(2) use integrated teaching strategies; and

(3) be age appropriate.

Subsection (e)(1) does state that the agency shall maintain a list of character education programs that school districts have implemented that meet the criteria listed above. However, due to limitations in staffing, the agency has not been able to provide this information.

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