Dress Codes

The Good, The Unnecessary, and The Needed.

Good Dress Codes to Have

Three dress codes i agree with are a construction workers safety equipment, a doctors uniform, and a superstores uniform. A Construction workers dress code was made to protect the workers a i do not think that will ever change. A doctors uniform was established so you can recognize them, and to protect them from messes and for sanitation and will not change. A superstores uniform was made so you can recognize them and know what person to find to ask for help. I do not think this will change.

Unnecessary Dress Codes

Three dress codes that i disagree with are a uniform for public school, our schools dress code, and no tattoos in the medical field. You shouldn't have to wear a uniform just to go to public school it might have been made for students to look formal and i dont think it will change. Our schools dress code is a little bit too strict. It was established so people dont show themselves, and i dont think it will change. Tattoos in the medical field should be allowed, tattoos are not a distraction and i dont know why that rule was made but i feel that it will change in the future.

Dress Codes that should be Enforced

A dress code that should be enforced is people sagging there pants in public. I think this dress code should be enforced because it is inappropriate and disturbing to see others peoples butt hanging out. Another one should be making sure people wear shirts, pants or shorts that cover them all the way, and shoes in public. This should be enforced because people dont need to show the world there bodys. Out in public there are little kids that do not need to see the inappropriateness of other peoples bodys. This code of course would not apply at beaches or water parks. Another code should wearing helmets and safety riding gear with people who ride motorcycles. This should be enforced because its very dangerous riding a motorcycle on the main roads with bigger cars and trucks and you can get seriously injured if you wreck on one and not have any gear or helmet
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