Windows 10 Tips and Tricks

Below you will find some tips and tricks to help you navigate through Windows 10 like a pro!

Snip & Sketch

Press Windows logo key + Shift + S to open the snipping bar, then drag the cursor over the area you want to capture. The area you snipped will be saved to your clipboard.

Add Emoji From Your Keyboard

Express yourself however and wherever you want. Press Windows logo key + period (.) to open an emoji panel. Use kaomojis to create faces with text, and symbols—like punctuation and currency—to make a statement.

Simplify the Start Menu

Apps in the Start menu sometimes use animations to show updates like new email or your next appointment. If these are distracting, turn them off. Right-click an app (or tap and hold it), and select More > Turn Live Tile off.

Get Visual Alerts for Sound

If it’s difficult to hear audible alerts, switch to visual alerts. Select Start > Settings > Ease of Access > Audio, and choose an option under Show audio alerts visually.

Magnify Your Screen

Magnifier enlarges part or all of your screen, helping make words and images easier to see. To start Magnifier quickly, press the Windows logo key + Plus sign (+). To turn it off, press Windows logo key + Esc.

Show Text Suggestions

Save time while you type!!

To see text suggestions while you type, select Start > Settings > Devices > Typing > Hardware keyboard > Show text suggestions as I type.

Use Groove with a Locked PC

When your PC is locked, keep the party going by using the playback controls on the lock screen to play, pause, and skip ahead to another song.

Battery Savers

Precision Touch Pad Gestures

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