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April 2016


Welcome to the last newsletter of not only the Spring 2016 semester, but of the 2015-2016 school year. Although students still have two weeks of school (dead week and finals week), April wrapped up a lot of events and marked the end for AKPsi this year. Packed full of big events, April contained Relay for Life, Court of Honor, Initiations, and, last but certainly not least, the 80th Anniversary Celebration / End of the Year Banquet. While all are detailed below, I wanted to thank everyone for giving me such an awesome experience as an officer this year. As many of you know, VP of Alumni Relations was not a position Beta Nu has maintained in several years. I appreciate everyone working with me to plant the seed for great things to come for this position in the future. While I've had an amazing time in this position, I have to turn the page and let the new VPAR, McKay McCauley, take over. Thank you and everyone have a safe and fun summer!

*If you are interested in speaking to us, please email McKay McCauley ( or our new Vice President, Hunter Grant (! We would love to have more alumni speakers.

*If you or another alumni have accepted a job, earned a promotion, gotten married, etc., let me know! We would love to spread the good news and celebrate our Brothers' success!

*Please follow our new Instagram page, like our Facebook Page, and join our Facebook Alumni group and Alumni LinkedIn group. All links can be found at the bottom of the newsletter.

Relay For Life

Relay for Life at the University of Wyoming was held on April 1st & 2nd. Beta Nu raised over $4,000 for the event, with over 40 members/pledges attending to support the cause! In fact, Alpha Kappa Psi was even recognized by the University of Wyoming's Registered Student Organization (RSO) banquet, as we were awarded on our involvement in Community Service. We raised the most amount of money and had the most members attend the actual event. For our successes at the relay, members that raised the most money had the pleasure of pieing officers in the face at one of our social meetings. As soon as Relay was over, many members went to a Brotherhood Breakfast at Perkins.

Court of Honor & Initiations

The Beta Nu Chapter successfully interview and initiated 13 pledges over the Spring Semester. When reflecting on their experiences during the pledge process, many took very creative approaches. We received essays, poems, quotes with personal interpretation, thesis statements, etc. Here are a few quotes from some of our new members:

"I believe that a person should pursue their dreams even if they are uncertain as to whether their dreams are going to come true or not... My college experience is going by so fast and Alpha Kappa Psi has helped me think about my future in a very real way." - Lindsay Monasmith

"The pledge process has lead me to new experiences, new people, and new relationships that I can already expect to treasure forever." - Sydney Werner

"I enjoyed going to a couple of events which combined service, fun, and bonding." - Abdullah Aitah

"It wasn't until the end of the meeting when the President called for Brother Sharing. the group was large, yet everyone seemed to know everyone, including the amazing things they were doing within their lives. I was hooked immediately by the sense of brotherhood that I could feel around me." - Jessi Shockley

"Every time I enter the business building, there is always on thing that I can pleasantly expect to see: brothers from Alpha Kappa Psi sitting together and visiting about what is going on in their lives." - Gabriel Lattimer

"I've found Brothers, I've found a Big, I've made new friends in this shindig... I have Brothers here for me when my good traits, I cannot see." - Katrina Sanford

"Opportunity to grow as a person and a future business leader is a vast understatement for how this fraternity has been able to set their brothers up for success. This has been proven by the successful alumni that have come to give back to the chapter that helped developed them into who they are today." - Todd Gray

"AKPsi's core values were just answers on a test a few weeks ago, but now after interacting with many of the individuals, it also proved to me my gross misunderstanding of unity or integrity. I can tell now that this is only the beginning of what will be a very interesting journey through my time here at the University." - Carl Edelman

"Alpha Kappa Psi was supposed to be just another notch in my resume, another way to show future emplyers just how 'well rounded' I actually am. I had no intentions of sticking around after meetings or of hanging with members of my 'frat' on the weekend. But, upon meeting my big, I knew that AKPsi was not an opportunity I was going to allow myself to float through." - Colton Turner

"Pledging for Alpha Kappa Psi has been the opposite of a heavy sigh, not exhausting but fulfilling, not boring by God-willing." - Ally Reaney

"Being in the fraternity has also given me the opportunity to listen to speakers and learn more about the world of business. I look forward to my future in AKPsi, and hope that I can continue meeting new people and experiencing everything the fraternity has to offer." - Samuel Robertson

"'TEAMWORK, coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is a process, and Working together is a success.' Never understood the meaning of this quote until I participated in the Relay for Life. We came together as a team, worked together as a team that lead to success in raising the most amount of money for the fundraiser event." - Abdullah Alwuhaibi

"Everyone in AKPsi is extremely willing to help each other grow into successful students and future business people." - Emily Bockenkamp

80th Anniversary Celebration / End of the Year Banquet

As you all should know, the Alpha Kappa Psi chapter at the University of Wyoming was founded on May 16, 1936. Therefore, on Saturday, April 30th, Beta Nu celebrated it's 80th birthday a couple weeks early, as we held this celebration in conjunction with our traditional End of the Year Banquet! I want to thank the following alumni for attending: Ben McKay (Chapter Advisor & Beta Nu Alumni), Chelsea Hardy (Regional Director & Beta Alumni), Christy Bessert (Beta Nu Alumni), Emily Pacheco (Beta Nu Alumni), Jenn Welsh (Beta Nu Alumni), Molly Janak (Beta Nu Alumni), Scott Schwindt (Gamma Zeta Alumni), Stephanie Domenico (Beta Nu Alumni), Taylor Olson (Beta Nu Alumni), and Westin Grabow (Beta Nu Alumni).

Alpha Award (outstanding member chosen by president) - Maddie Curry

Kappa Award (outstanding senior chosen by chapter) - Aspen Ruane

Psi Award (outstanding member chosen by chapter) - Hunter Grant

Community Service Award (most points) - Hunter Grant

Fundraising Award (most points) - Amelia Sheesley

Brotherhood Award - Mark Radich

Senior Spotlight

Beta Nu graduated 25 seniors this semester. Below you will find each senior, when they pledged, their favorite thing about AKPsi, favorite UW professor or class, parting advice, and plans for the future. Thank you all for being such loyal, great big brothers. We look forward to you returning to the chapter as alumni, and wish you luck in all of your endeavors!

Sara Fulmer

Pledged Fall 2013

Favorite thing about AKPsi: My brother and life long friends that I have met during my time in AKPsi

Favorite UW Professor/Class: David Finnoff, Investment Management

Parting advice: Get involved and go to events that are offered through the University and community. These teach you more than your classes and allow you to network in so many different fields.

Plans: Working for Northwestern Mutual as a financial adviser in Fort Collins, CO

Raj Patel

Pledged Fall 2015

Favorite thing about AKPsi: My brothers

Favorite UW Professor/Class: Elizabeth Minton, Advanced Marketing Management

Parting advice: Never trust someone who pours the milk before the cereal.

Plans: Working at Krishna Management Inc., a hotel management company

Rachel Worshek

Pledged Spring 2015

Favorite thing about AKPsi: The over abundance of love and support I have received from brothers

Favorite UW Professor/Class: Kent Drummond, Intro to Marketing & Josh Dorrell, Sales

Parting advice: Get involved. Whether that be in AKPsi or elsewhere. Leave your mark. Remain humble. Watch your words. We get frustrated often, stress in college is VERY REAL, but your brothers should be a shoulder to lean on rather than a back to talk behind. 4, 5, 6 years is a short time in the grand scheme of things, but AKPsi has the ability to leave a mark on you forever

Plans: TBD

Flynn Shelton

Pledged Spring 2015

Favorite thing about AKPsi: The relationships I’ve formed that continue to push me forward in life

Favorite UW Professor/Class: Studies in Modern American Fiction and Sales and Professional Selling

Parting Advice: Stay grounded in reality and be self aware, but don’t give up on anything you’re truly passionate about; whether it’s your career or your dreams. If you want it bad enough, you’ll find a wake to make it happen – no matter what

Plans: Move to a metropolitan area (either Denver or somewhere on the East Coast) and pursue a career and my life dreams.

Brooke Benigni

Pledged Fall 2013

Favorite thing about AKPsi: My (Biological) sisters and my brothers; but also I found some of my best friends (cheesy I know)

Favorite UW Professor/Class: Sherrill Shaffer

Parting Advice: Don’t take life too seriously, have fun in college while you can

Plans: Working for TOLMAR Pharmaceutical Company as an accounting intern in Fort Collins

Josiah Flores

Pledged Spring 2014

Favorite thing about AKPsi: My brothers

Favorite UW Professor/Class: Astronomy

Parting Advice: Time flies so enjoy the moments and learn as much as you can from each other

Plans: Work for a little until I can fully establish a video production company with my brother

Aspen Ruane

Pledged Class: Spring 2013

Favorite thing about AKPsi: The rituals and the history of AKPsi

Favorite UW Professor/Class: Sherrill Shaffer

Parting Advice: Sometimes you have to stop worrying, wondering, and doubting. Have faith that things will work out, maybe not how you planned, but just how it’s meant to be. Positivity is key!

Plans: Hoping to work in compliance as a bank examiner at a government agency.

Alex Perry

Pledged Fall 2014

Favorite thing about AKPsi: The lifelong friendships

Favorite UW Professor/Class: The cancelled ones or recess, either one.

Parting Advice: Participate in all you can because the real world doesn’t have as much free stuff.

Plans: Move to Denver and work for YES! Communities as a sales and finance coordinator, and learn to talk to girls.

Cori Siekert

Pledged Spring 2013

Favorite thing about AKPsi: The people. I’ve made so many amazing connections that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Favorite UW Professor/Class: Penne Ainsworth and Rob Glasscock

Parting Advice: Let the people who are there to help do so, whether it’s to help make networking connection or even just in general everyday work. If you let someone in and include them in your life, most people will bend over backwards to help you succeed

Plans: KPMG Denver

Joey Cohen

Pledged Spring 2014

Favorite thing about AKPsi: Going to formal and attending PBLI with my amazing brotato chips

Favorite UW Professor/Class: Rob Glasscock, Suits: Popular Culture, Legal Ethics, & the Role of the Attorney in Modern Society

Parting Advice: Go after what you want! When you wait for the world to give it to you it won’t happen. Also don’t bother with the final season of “Lost”

Plans: Internship at Eide Bailly Public Accounting Firm and Masters at UW

Jamie Talmadge

Pledged Fall 2013

Favorite thing about AKPsi: Networks

Favorite UW Professor/Class: Jaron Harvey, Organizational Behavior and Leadership

Parting Advice: Do what makes you happy

Plans: Starting management training program with Enterprise

Seth Marlow

Pledged Spring 2014

Favorite thing about AKPsi: The opportunity to get to know all my brothers

Favorite UW Professor/Class: Tim Mazur, Management 4910

Parting Advice: “Now I’m exactly where I want to be, I got my dream job, and I’m still just thinking about my old pals. Only now they’re the ones I made here. I just wish there was a way to know you were in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.” – Andy Bernard (The Office)

Don’t forget to take a second everyday and reflect on how great all the opportunities you have truly are. You are in the good old days now so don’t forget to recognize it

Plans: Pursue something great, not entirely sure what yet.

Marie Makepeace

Pledged Spring 2013

Favorite thing about AKPsi: The people

Favorite UW Professor/Class: Doherty

Parting Advice: Don’t take yourself too seriously

Plans: Move to Colorado and begin working full time

Nick Prusia

Pledged Fall 2014

Favorite thing about AKPsi: Diversity of membership

Favorite UW Professor/Class: Financial Markets and Institutions

Parting Advice: Learn at least one new thing and meet at least one new person every day

Plans: TBD

Annie Burback

Pledged Fall 2012

Favorite thing about AKPsi: the amazing friends I will have for life!

Favorite UW Professor/Class: Jaron Harvey, Negotiations

Parting Advice: Be kind and always follow your heart- it won’t lead you astray!

Plans: Starting with CH Robinson in Denver, June 20th

Azim El Toukhy

Pledged Fall 2014

Favorite thing about AKPsi: I met a lot of great people through AKPsi

Favorite UW Professor/Class: Jason Shogren, Behavioral Economics

Parting Advice: Learn from your mistakes, know yourself, and do not be afraid to fail

Plans: Graduate School at the University of Miami

Amelia Sheesley

Pledged Spring 2014

Favorite thing about AKPsi: The amazing friends and connections I have made through AKPsi. I have an amazing support system and I love you all.

Favorite UW Professor/Class: Mark Person, German

Parting Advice: Make sure to make time for your passions and hobbies, even if they don’t fall under your major. They will keep you happy and relieve stress even when you feel like you have a ton of work.

Plans: Working for PwC This summer and completing my masters at UW. Then getting my CPA and working in public accounting.

Pat McHale

Pledged Fall 2014

Favorite thing about AKPsi: Meeting genuine people

Favorite UW Professor/Class: Josh Dorrell, Marketing

Parting Advice: Persistence is key

Plans: Going back to Chicago and finding a job there

Kate Mysse

Pledged Fall 2014

Favorite thing about AKPsi: Met some great friends and got to network with some experienced professionals

Favorite UW Professor/Class: Consumer Behavior

Parting Advice: Find a healthy balance between your social life and your studies

Plans: To continue to work at Monster Lake guest ranch in Cody, WY as a marketing manager. Then move to Austin, TX by the end of summer to pursue my career in hospitality and event marketing

Amber Foreman

Pledged Fall 2014

Favorite thing about AKPsi: Brotherhood

Favorite UW Professor/Class: Kent Drummond

Parting Advice: Don’t take life too seriously, you will never get out alive

Plans: TBD

Meg Weldon

Pledged Spring 2014

Favorite thing about AKPsi: I freaking love how we all get together for great causes and events in the community (Big Event, Relay for Life)

Favorite UW Professor/Class: Tim Mazur, Ethics in the Future of Business and Josh Dorrell, Sales

Parting Advice: Live in the moment, don’t hold grudges, love the people around you, and most importantly: create and recognize goodness in EVERYTHING

Plans: Move across the country to be an Assistant Account Executive in Public Relations at Mullen Lowe, an advertising agency in Boston

Lindsey King

Pledged Fall 2014

Favorite thing about AKPsi: The incredible network that I have built both professionally and personally

Favorite UW Professor/Class: Jaron Harvey

Parting Advice: Be courageous, take chances, have big dreams and bigger ambitions, and don’t be afraid to fail

Plans: Moving to Denver in August to start my position as an Executive Team Lead for Target

Ericka Patten

Pledged Fall 2014

Favorite thing about AKPsi: Meeting so many incredible people who have become some of my best friends

Favorite UW Professor/Class: Consumer Behavior, Stacey Baker

Parting Advice: Take every opportunity you can, even if you think you can’t handle it. You Can. Just do it and have a little faith.

Plans: Digital Marketing Merchandiser, Cheyenne Frontier Days

Ashley Golden

Pledged Fall 2014

Favorite thing about AKPsi: Having the opportunity to increase my professional network, meet new people, and attend the 2016 National Convention.

Favorite UW Professor/Class: Josh Dorrell, Sales Management & Professional Selling

Parting Advice: Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way; your college career will go by faster than you think!

Plans: Complete the Masters in Accounting program and sit for the CPA exam

Claire Murdock

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