Leonardo da Vinci

A Great Artst

Life Of da Vinci

He was born in 1452. He spent most of his time in Florence Italy. He was a assistant at Vericho's workshop. This is where he made his first great painting The Baptism of Christ. He moved from city to city when he was older but most of his child hood was spent in Vinci. He created paintings and extravagant sculptures.

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa was one of da Vinci's most famous paintings. The painting was created in the year of 1517. It is located in the museum Musee du Louvre. The painting is signifigant because the person's expresion in the painting is confusing. I find it interesting because I can not tell what the persons mood is. The picture represents humanism because it shows a person and does not have to do with religion.