5th Grade News

September 28 - October 12


Tuesday, October 6: Guest Speaker Ron Leiber (7 pm @ US)

Friday, October 9: Lower School Conferences (no school)

Monday, October 12: Columbus Day (no school)

Looking Ahead:

October 13-16: Book Fair

Sunday, November 1: Run for the Water (see info below)

Academic Updates

Language Arts

Writing Workshop will start this week. Students will continue drafting narratives and descriptive pieces and they will begin the revision process. They have been learning to recognize figurative language in their reading and now they will practice using figurative language in their own writing. They will also focus on writing about small moments and creating strong leads. For an example of great student response essay on Out of My Mind, click here to see Miles Eclarinal's character analysis. Ella Hall wrote this descriptive paragraph using mentor sentences.

Students will continue to learn about the literary elements of fiction, while they share the last few chapters of Out of My Mind. Students should review notes often to make sure they can identify different literary elements of fiction without using their notes. They will be assessed at the end of the 9 Week Quarter, and reviewing the notes regularly is the best way to prepare for the assessment.

***A note about drafts completed at home...please do not revise drafts your child completes at home. Students are going through the editing and revising process at school.


Students will be completing their base exploration activity. Students who have experienced that "a-ha" moment will be teaching us how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide in counting systems other than base 10. The upcoming unit of study will have students tackling geometric concepts. Students will assess interesting methods for determining the heights of some of the trees on campus. For an example of great student writing in Math, take a look at Navya Dalmia's explanation of how to convert from "base 4" to "base 10".

Social Studies

Students are beginning to explore the journey of man across the earth, beginning with the remains of Lucy, the skeleton of a female Australopithecus afarensis. Students will use internet resources, including a virtual tour of the Lascaux Cave in France to answer the question: What makes us human? Kara Thomas wrote a poem entitled "History" here.


Rotations among the 5th Grade teachers continue, and students are learning all about physical science in an extremely "hands-on" way. Highlights of Mrs. Pound's class include taking apart a motherboard to learn about magnets and computers, making magnetic slime, and discovering how strong magnets can even create electricity!


Students are wrapping up their retelling of El bebé malo (The Bad Baby) and they will begin our next fun story El muchacho pastor (The Shepherd Boy). The students will be learning the vocabulary through the comprehensive lessons. The stories are taught 90% in Spanish and the goal is for the students to comprehend 100%.

Students will be practicing the vocabulary with interactive games, music, dialogues, chants, poems, and the dramatizations of stories. If your child wants additional practice, there will be an opportunity to recite a fun poem using new vocabulary. Please take a look at mySAS for additional practice and information.


Students are beginning to translate short comic stories from their textbook about a family in Roman Britain. They are also exploring Roman foods and dining customs. Look for a Roman Recipes booklet heading home soon! Expect your 5th grader to talk about: reclining while dining, drinking wine (mixed with water, of course), and eating delicacies such as fermented fish sauce and dormice. Yum!

Reminder for parents: All Latin vocabulary quizzes may be retaken to earn a higher grade. If your child would like a second chance at any quiz, please have him or her arrange a time with Ms. Kruebbe for a retake.

FINE ARTS: Artists at work

Fifth Grade Art is off to a great start in the Middle School Art Studio! In recent weeks, 5th Grade artists have been studying the color wheel and color relationships. They have found that the color wheel can be used as a “cheat sheet” for finding the color recipes they need in their paintings. The students are currently using their color knowledge to mix hues that they observe in still-life flower arrangements (see pics below).

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Run for the water

Now in its ninth year, Run for the Water is the second-largest fully charity-produced road race in Austin, Texas. The event is solely produced by and benefits the Gazelle Foundation, an Austin-based non-profit improving the lives of citizens of Burundi, Africa, through the building of water systems. The Foundation’s formation was inspired by Gilbert Tuhabonye, a Burundi survivor of the Hutu/Tutsi civil upheaval. Gilbert serves as the Head Cross Country and Track coach here at St. Andrews Episcopal High School.

Watch out, Katniss Everdeen!

PE units continue with...Rainbow Unicorns hitting the mark in archery, Benchwarmers serving and setting in volleyball, Hungry Hippos practicing "rec games", and Splittin' Adams passing and shooting in basketball.
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