Theme~all good things come to an end


Some of the main characters were Stargirl, Leo, and Archie. My favorite was Archie. He was very wise and had a skull of Barney (a prehistoric animal). He also was an arciologists who had a cactus named Sinior Sugario.

My Favorite Part

My favorite part of the story was when Stargirl led the bunny hop accross town and came back with a slap in the face by Hillari Kimble.

Figurative Language

Strong Verbs

   But Kevin was SCREAMING on the phone. I jumped in the family pickup and RACED to the statium.   I BOLTED from the truck. Kevin was at the gate, WINDMILLING his arm: "Hurry!" I threw the two dollar admission at the ticket window and we RACED for the field. "See better up here," he said, YANKING me into the stands. PAGE: 22


Mica was a new town, but lazy town until she came.....Stargirl. When Stargirl came the whole town was like thee energizer bunny. Stargirl was unique. She hasd a pet rat named cinnamin. She also had a ukilalli that she played while she sang Happy Birthday to whoever. Hillari was a hater. She hated stargirl so she told Stargirl not to singto her so she want up to Leo and sang Happy Birthday but with Hillari's name to it. 


Google Images, Jerry Spinalle Stargirl