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Learn Why When In Need Of The Best Hormone Therapy LA Jolla Is The Place To Prioritize

Hormone therapy (HT) or hormone replacement therapy as it is sometimes referred to is a form of medication administered to women for the replacement of hormones. The hormones that are being replaced are the ones that the body can no longer synthesize because when one approaches or passes the age of menopause. When one needs to understand more about hormone therapy LA Jolla is a good place to visit. Professionals in this area can give good advice on what to do.

Most therapies incorporate a combination of progesterone and estrogen treatment, even though there are many different forms. Besides that, some HTs also incorporate estrogen treatment only. One can acquire systemic HT from most places where drugs are sold, such as drug stores, pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics. Major forms they can be purchased in are creams, skin patch, pills, gels, and sprays.

At the moment night sweats and hot flashes can only be effectively treated by Systemic HT. The estrogen that is incorporated in systemic HT makes them capable of treating various vaginal symptoms as well. Dryness, discomfort during the act of sex, and itching and/or burning can also be treated well using systemic HT.

Low-dose vaginal products are another category of HT. They are a result of preparations of estrogen. One can purchase them in various forms including creams, tablets, and ring forms. Urinary and vaginal symptoms can be treated effectively by these HTs. Besides being effective, their absorption rate into the body is very low. One should know that their efficiency with osteoporosis, night sweats, and hot flashes is very poor.

HT was previously thought to be capable of preventing possible dementia and heart conditions. However, with further research being conducted, that stand has since changed. HT was determined to have severe side effects even though it treats menopausal symptoms quite effectively. The change in stand after the study made doctors to be less likely to prescribe HT to women for the treatment of menopausal symptoms.

When the clinical results were investigated further, it became apparent that HT may be beneficial to women who are healthy. For instance, estrogen can lower possibility of heart disease when taken early during postmenopausal years. A link between heart disease and HT was also not found in recent studies.

So far, estrogen remains the most effective treatment for relieving and treating menopausal symptoms. The benefits are much more than the risks if the woman is healthy enough. The benefits of estrogen are more than risks if one is experiencing moderate to severe hot flashes, has lost bone mass, and stopped having periods before attaining the age of 40. Women who experience early menopause and do not use estrogen therapy until they are 45 are more likely to suffer from Parkinsonism, depression and anxiety, osteoporosis, and coronary heart disease.

Early menopause reduces the probability of developing many kinds of breast cancer. When HT is used for protective purposes by women who experience early menopause, the risks are far less than the dangers. One should discuss with their doctor before getting a prescription for HT because of the complications involved.

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