The Mata Memo

September 7, 2021

Principal's Message

Dear Mata family,

Can you believe it is already the 4th week of school? This week we are hosting Open House virtually. We encourage you to sign up to hear directly from your teachers about what happens in their specific classrooms. Please join us!

Also, this week starts the beginning of year assessments, where we will be able to get a baseline for our students. This will give us a picture of the knowledge our children are coming to us with. This data will be used to inform instruction to reach the needs of each individual student.

Let's have a great week!

Tomeka Middleton Williams


Please read the memo carefully for information regarding:

  • Calendar at a Glance
  • Seussical the Musical Auditions
  • Education Go Get It Week
  • Attendance Awareness Month
  • Perfect Attendance for September
  • Annual Title I Meeting
  • Tutoring Waiver
  • Bus Bulletin
  • Drop off and Pick Up Updates
  • Campus Visitor Procedures
  • Uniform Assistance
  • How to Access Powerschool
  • Uniform Policy and Reminders
  • Student Technology Updates
  • School Meal Viewer
  • Family and Community Engagement Survey
  • Dallas ISD Safety Protocols
  • Mata Positive Staff Referrals
  • and, much much more!

Calendar at A Glance

  • Sept. 8th - Character Dress Day
  • Sept. 8th - SBDM Meeting (Virtual) 5:00-6:00 PM

  • Sept 9th - Annual Title I Meeting (Virtual) 4:30-5:00 PM

  • Sept. 9th - Open House (Virtual) 5:00-6:30 PM

  • Sept. 13-17: Education Go Get It Week

Seussical The Musical - Audition Information

Mata Montessori Theatre

Seussical the Musical

Audition Information

The musical is open to students in 3rd through 8th grade, with preference given to older students. Only 30 students will be admitted this year in the performance to ensure safety measures. Rehearsals will be on Tuesdays from 3:15-4:30 pm. The show will perform at the end of February/Early March*. Additional rehearsals will be added in the final weeks before the show.

The show will be performed in the courtyard this year, so weather and COVID numbers will be taken into consideration in the final performance date. Flexibility will be important for families involved.

Audition Process:

Tuesday, September 14th: 3:15-4:15 pm

The audition workshop will be held in ROOM 125 and ROOM 124 (theatre and music). ALL students who are interested in auditioning need to be in attendance to learn a song and dance for auditions. (Students who do not show up for this entire workshop will not be allowed to audition on 9/21.)

PICK UP will be at 4:15 at the outdoor compass (UE carpool pick-up location). Late pickups are not tolerated and may impact your student’s eligibility for participation.

Tuesday, September 21st: 3:15-4:15 pm

Auditions: Students will perform the song and dance from the previous week’s workshop, as well as do a cold reading from the script. Possible callbacks, if needed, will be notified.

PICK UP will be at 4:15 at the outdoor compass (UE carpool pick-up location). Late pickups are not tolerated and may impact your student’s eligibility for participation. Cast lists will be sent out by Friday, September 24th.

The first rehearsal, for those cast, will be Tuesday, September 28th from 3:15- 4:30 pm.

Please email Mrs. Bailey ( and Mrs. Vallejo ( with any questions.

Education Go Get It Week

9/13/21 Monday- Your Future is Bright, wear shades

Primary-Why do We go to School?

Lower- Why Education is Important

Upper/Middle- Why is Education Important?

9/14/21 Tuesday-Poster Day!!! Create a poster or drawing of your favorite College/University, its logo, mascot, sport, or activity/Organization associated with the College/University. Drawings will be displayed in the hallway.

Virtual College Tours


University of Texas Austin

Dallas Baptist University

9/15/21 Wednesday-College Day show up wearing your favorite College/University gear.

Primary- What to be When You Grow Up

Lower-Education and Career Guidance

Uper/Middle- College and Career Readiness

Virtual College Tours



University of Notre Dame

9/16/21 Thursday-Dress for Success-Students, may dress in their future career attire/Teachers and Staff dress for success or wear your Cap and Gown

Virtual College Tours

Texas A & M

University of North Texas

9/17/21 Friday-Spirit Day Wear your Mata spirit Shirt or a College Shirt with Jeans, uniform pants, shorts, or skirts.

Virtual College Tours

Texas Tech University

Xavier University

Fisk University

Georgetown University

Stanford University

University of Oklahoma

Semana de la Educacion

septiembre 13-17, 2021

9/13/21 lunes- Tu futuro es muy brillante, usar lentes de sol

Primaria-Porque Vamos a la Escuela?

Bajo- Porque la Educacion es Importante?

Alto/Secundaria- Porque la Educacion es Importante?

9/14/21 martes-Dia de Cartulina!!! Crear una cartulina o dibujo de tu favorito Colegio/Universidad, su logo, su masco, su deporte, o organizacion asociada con el Colegio/Universidad. Las cartulinas seran demonstradas en el pasillo.

Recorrido Virtual de Colegio


University of Texas Austin

Dallas Baptist University

9/15/21 miercoles-dia de colegio ven a la escuela con tu favorito camisa de Colegio/Universidad

Primaria- Que hacer cuando uno crezca

Bajo-Educacion y Planear su Carrera

Alto/Secundaria- Colegio y estar Preparado para una Carrera

Recorrido Virtual de Colegio



University of Notre Dame

9/16/21 jueves-Vestir para Triunfar-Estudiantes, pueden vestirse de su futura Carrera/Oficio

Recorrido Virtual de Colegio

Texas A & M

University of North Texas

9/17/21 viernes-Dia de Espiritu-Usa tu camiseta de Mata o de Colegio/Universidad con pantalon de mezclilla, pantalon de uniformer, pantalon corto, o falda.

Recorrido Virtual de Colegio

Texas Tech University

Xavier University

Fisk University

Georgetown University

Stanford University

University of Oklahoma

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Tutoring Ratio Waver - Please complete

Join PTA

We would like to encourage you to join our Mata PTA. Join here!

Check out their webpage at

Sign up for the PTA newsletter: Click Here

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Open House

We will host our campus Open House virtually this year. This will give you an opportunity to meet with your teacher where they will give an overview and expectations for the school year.

It will be held on September 9th. Please be on the lookout for Zoom information.

Mata's Annual Title I Meeting

Mata Montessori's Annual Title I Meeting will be held Thursday, September 9th at 4:30 PM via Zoom.

We will inform parents and families of our school’s participation in Title I, explain the requirements of the Title I, Part A program, and explain the right of parents to be involved. Please mark your calendar to join us!

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Dyslexia Screener Information

In Dallas ISD, our focus is on providing high-quality reading instruction that meets the unique needs of all learners. In an effort to identify and support students that are demonstrating reading difficulties, and in response to §TEC 38.003, §TEC 28.006, and House Bill-1886, all students in the grade levels below will be screened as appropriate for dyslexia, reading difficulties, and/or related disorders. The screener is designed to identify the areas of concern and components of reading that may suggest characteristics of dyslexia. The screeners for each grade level that will be screened are listed below:

Kindergarten - TX-KEA - End of Year (May 9- June 3)

1st, 2nd and 3rd - MAP - Beginning of Year (August 23- September 17)

7th - MAP Beginning of Year (August 23- September 17)

This screener is not a comprehensive dyslexia assessment designed to diagnose your child with dyslexia. If a disability is suspected as the underlying reason for any demonstrated difficulties in the areas of reading, a student may be referred for an evaluation. At any time, a parent can request an evaluation if they believe their child has a disability and requires specially designed instruction.

We are dedicated to identifying and supporting dyslexia and other reading difficulties across the district. For additional information or should you have any questions about the screeners above, please contact your student’s campus directly.

Bus Bulletin

Bus Bulletin is an application available to all parents to keep you informed about delays or other situations that may have an impact on transportation pick-up and drop-off times. The first step will be to create an account and register here: Once you create an account, you will receive AM and PM notifications for any delays with the routes associated with your account. Bus Bulletin can be accessed by a web browser at or can be downloaded in the App Store.

If you don’t have an account yet, we encourage you to sign up.

Drop Off and Pick Up Information

First, I would like to say thank you so much for your patience and positivity as we have worked through our dismissal process! We are proud to say that we have gotten better every day!

There are a few reminders that we would like to ask of you.

  • If you are in the car line, please do not get out of your vehicle, we will ensure that your child comes to you.
  • Please do not ask your child to walk to your car on Grand or La Vista. This makes for a dangerous situation. If you have signed your child up to be a walker, they should walk either down the Santa Fe Trail or across to the crossing guards.
  • Please remember to use your Orange sign. If you need one, please contact the main office.
  • Please tell your child to go with their youngest sibling. For example, if the youngest is in 1st, your child will wait in the auditorium with their sibling. If your youngest is in primary, they will come outside and stand with that teacher.

Drop Off
  • Drop off begins at 7:15 AM.
  • 1st- 8th Grade students may be dropped off at the main entrance. Prek-K students will report directly to class, 1st-3rd grade students will report to the gym, 4th-6th will report to the auditorium, and 7th-8th grade students will report to the cafeteria between 7:15-7:30 AM. All students arriving after 7:30 will report directly to class.
  • Please drop off Pre-K-K students on the La Vista drive nearest the library. Students will report directly to their homeroom class.
  • If you have multiple children, you may drop them off at the site for the youngest child.

After School Pick Up (Updated):

You will be given a carpool sign to use at pick-up daily. Please be patient with dismissal procedures and traffic, as we will be working to ensure the safety of all students.

Prek-K will be dismissed outside the main entrance beginning at 3:05.

1st-3rd will be dismissed from the door by the auditorium at 3:15.

4th-6th will be dismissed at the back of the school near the compass on the new drive at 3:15.

7th-8th will be dismissed at the back of the school near the middle school pods at 3:15.

Students with siblings in PreK-K will be outside the main entrance.

Traffic flow:

All cars will proceed down LaVista Dr. to the furthest entry past the school building. You will make a right turn into the drive nearest the apartments. You will remain in your car and show your sign to Mata staff. We will call for your child as you drive around the wraparound drive. Keep your child's tag showing until your child(ren) is brought to your car. When leaving the drive, turn left to circle under the bridge and proceed to the traffic light.

If riding a bus, please send information regarding your child's bus stop and location to the teacher. It is best practice to have an index card with your child's bus number and stop located inside their backpack. Bus pick-up is located on the main drive parallel to Grand. Please do not park in this driveway.

We offer After school care through the YMCA. Please see the flyers below for details.

Please ensure that your child knows how they are going home. Inform your child's teacher in an adequate amount of time in the event of any changes.

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Uniform Reminders

Thank you for sending your child in uniform each day!

Please be reminded that the following is not allowed:

  • Leggings, tights, or yoga pants
  • Jeans are only worn on Fridays with a spirit shirt (no rips/holes)
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Student Technology

Please do not forget to bring send your child's technology device and chargers back to school. New students will be issued technology.

Technology Support Centers

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Dallas ISD Updates for Campus Visitors

While Dallas County is in Level Red, campus visitors and volunteers will not be allowed. We will use virtual meeting options to limit campus visitors. All visitors who enter the building will be required to wear a face covering and those who proceed beyond the reception area will follow specific guidelines for visitors.

Visitor Screening/PPE Requirements

  • Please self- screen before entering any Dallas ISD facility. If visitors have COVID-19 symptoms, or are lab confirmed with COVID-19, they must notify the campus and remain off campus until they meet the criteria for re-entry.

  • All individuals entering the building will be required to wear face masks.

  • Visitors will stand behind the shield guard installed at reception desks or recommended 6 feet distance.

  • Any individuals permitted to proceed beyond the reception area must follow all safety and campus protocols.

  • Parent curbside pick up of students and materials

Meal Viewer- Meal App

Food & Child Nutrition Services (FCNS) is pleased to announce "MealViewer" a new and improved platform to showcase student menus. MealViewer is packed with new features and benefits!

Meal Viewer provides:

  • Convenience - Available 24/7 on the web and through our mobile-friendly app, MealViewer To Go, for your smartphone.
  • Allergen Safety — Create personalized safety profiles for each student by selecting their allergens. Get alerts each time that allergen is on the menu!
  • Fun Feedback — Students can rate their favorite meals.. .and receive alerts the next time their favorites are served!

Signing Up is easy!

1 . Go to or download the mobile app and register for a free account. MealViewer WILL NOT open in Internet Explorer. Please copy the link and paste it into Chrome, Edge, or Firefox.

2. Create a personalized profile for you and your students by first selecting their school.

3. Next, set up your student's profile by selecting any allergens he/she has. Students can also choose their favorite meals/foods. Students will receive notifications every time any of their favorite meals are served, and any time that any of their allergens are in any food on that day's menu.

We want your Feedback!

Parents are asked to please complete the Family and Community Engagement Survey to help us serve you better.

Please visit the following link:

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Dallas ISD School Safety Protocols

Parents and caregivers, please see Dallas ISD's School Safety Protocol for Parents Handbook 2021-2022 Download and view the handbook here:
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Mata Montessori School's Vision and Mission

Vision Statement: To provide an academic foundation which allows our students to be successful life-long learners.

Mission Statement: To provide an authentic Montessori education by focusing on educating the whole child academically, socially, and emotionally for all children.

Mata Montessori School's Key Actions

  • Maintain a climate and culture that fosters academic excellence.
  • Improve quality of instruction and student achievement through an aligned Montessori curriculum.
  • Actively engage parents in education in meaningful and relevant ways.