Sugar , Sugar

The Works

At first we started by guessing the grams of sugar in the coke and monster drinks .Then we found the real amount and we converted the monster grams for 20 ounces . After that we used the cross multiply and divide method to find the packs of sugar in each drink .
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Single project

After we finished the fist part as a class we set off on our own to find our own drinks and reaseach the grams of sugar . I chose Dr. Pepper and Sprite as my two drinks than I found that most of the drinks including the ones we did as a class had about 16 packs of sugar for 20 oz of the drink . The only exepttion was the monster energy drink because it had about 17 packs of sugar . I also found that all of the drinks that I did had between 64 and 68 grams of sugar in each serving