Gattis Gossip

Volume 7, Issue 4 -------------Sept. 22, 2014

Thank you for your work to INVOLVE and ENGAGE students in the journey!

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." -- Benjamin Franklin

Upcoming Week At Gattis...

Sept. 22-26, 2014

Universal Screeners

PK BOY Assessment Window

1st-5th BAS Window Continues

Kinder BAS Wiindow Opens


  • 8:00 LPACs begin and last through the day - Please follow emailed schedule
  • 1:45 Annual ARD
  • 3:05 Staffing


  • LaWanda at AP meeting
  • Kona Ice after school
  • 3:05-4:30 Leadership Meeting in Library
  • 6:30-8:00 Watch Dog Kickoff Meeting


  • 12:45 Early Release/ Conference Planning



  • Morning Assembly
  • Reading Marathon Ends
  • SST - All grade levels during planning period - Room 501

Coming up soon!

  • Sept. 24 Early Release - Plannning for Parent Conferences
  • Sept 26 SSTs All Grade Levels
  • Sept. 26 PTA Readathon Ends
  • Oct. 1 Faculty Meeting
  • Oct. 1, 2 OLSAT testing - 2nd grade
  • Oct. 8 Vertical Team Meeting
  • Oct. 8 Vision & Hearing Screenings (all day)
  • Oct. 10 Vision & Hearing Screenings (1/2 day)
  • Oct. 13 Student Holiday/Staff Development
  • Oct. 20-24 Book Fair
  • Oct. 21 Leadership Meeting
  • Oct. 21 Literacy Night
  • Oct. 24 End of 1st Grading Period
  • Oct. 29 Early Release

Early Release Schedules

Lunch Schedules Remain the Same As Usual

Specials Schedule

5th 8:00-8:35

4th 8:40-9:15

3rd 9:20-9:55

2nd 10:00-10:35

1st 10:40-11:15

K 11:20-11:55

Friday Morning Assemblies

A google document is being shared for you to volunteer for various roles in Friday morning assembly. You can have mentor to help you if you need it! Please consider how you can help and sign up!! Give our current team some love AND some hands on assistance!!
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Happy Birthday to YOU!

Sept. 12 Kyla Spady

Sept. 22 Patty Botello

Sept. 24 Karmela Edmond

Sept. 28 Daniel Brillhart

Compliance Training Deadline Has Arrived!!

Please click on the link below to find the district compliance training matrix. Sign up on ecampus and complete the required trainings for your position. Team Leaders, please support new team members with this process.

All compliance must be completed by Sept. 22 in order for us to get our campus report completed in time for the deadline.

Gattis ROAR Carde

We awarded our first ROAR card of the year today!! Remember to acknowledge students who have exemplified positive qualities in truly meaningful ways! Parents love those positive phone calls!

Teacher Access Center (TAC)

Congratulations for your ongoing success with TAC attendance AND discipline! The link to the training videos is still here if you need to review them.

Click on the ELEMENTARY link on the left side of the webpage to access the videos.


Remember that discipline referrals will NOT be submitted on paper except in rare circumstances. You will enter discipline referrals via TAC using the INTERVENTIONS tab (top right of homepage) then CONDUCT REFERRALS. The system that will be used to notify and administrator of referrals is not working yet, so be SURE to let LaWanda know via phone or face to face if you are submitting a referral until the system is corrected. Yellow Student In Need paper forms can still be used as needed. Be sure to add the date to any of the yellow forms you use.

Kinder, 1st, and 2nd grade: ACTION REQUIRED!

You did not receive the training for documentation of classroom issues due to the technical difficulties experienced during the training at the beggining of the year. Please scroll down to the TIER I and INTERVENTION sectioon and view the training videos as a team or individually. This is important information for you to know. Discipline referrals will be submitted via this process.

3rd, 4th and 5th grade had this training in the original session at beggining of the year but you may want to review.

We have not yet done the Tier II training. We will do that at a later date.

Effective Grading Practices Blog

Our 3-5 teachers have been thinking a lot about how to grade effectively. Here are some thoughts to consider.