MacClain vs Owens

BY: Claudia Munoz

Hays State Prison

  • Opened in 1990
  • Located in Trion Georgia
  • It is also part of Chattanooga County
  • Closed custody facility
  • Houses approximately 1,100 adult males who have been convected of a felony
  • General population is housed in 10 open dormitories
  • Also can be housed in annex or segregation which consist of a single cells.
  • Facility is also responsible for housing 500 level 2 mental health inmates
  • Security level is close
  • inmates can get counseling
  • provides career building
  • also provides re-entry program
  • houses a C.E.R.T team
  • two tactical team
  • the warden is Brian Owens

Inmate's Case Points

  • He was beaten and strangle and left to die in is cell
  • His mom RaHonda wanted the state accountable for ignoring the ruthless gang violence and dangerous conditions where cell door locks were left broken.
  • She said "That the locks were broking that at night inmates could roam cells at night."
  • His mom later died and she was the main witness in the case.
  • After her death the Human Rights encouraged her brother to settle the case
  • MacClain's case wouldn't been settle if his mom had not passed away.
  • Defendants: Timothy Clark, Betty Bailey-Dean, Shay Hatcher, Clay Tatum, Timothy C. Ward, Brian Owens, Joshua Johnson and Linwood Burns
  • The Jury ruled in his favor.