Buildologie Showcase!

Hi, all!

This is it, next week is our Buildologie showcase! Here's all the info you need to know.

FYI, I do my very best to make it to every showcase, BUT all 3 single track schools are doing their showcases at the same time, so I'll be jumping around.

Before the Showcase

Please make sure you have all the presentations gathered up - Classroom would be a useful tool for this.

You may also want to preview the rubrics with your students - they'll be critiquing each other. I've already run a class set for you.

During the Showcase

I will set up my WiDi in room 13. Please use your tablet for presentations so that we can switch to camera mode while the robots are running their missions. This way, everyone can see without crowding around the table.

The WiDi's name is Boling and the password, as always, is 12345670.

Big picture

There's a 20-minute block for setup. Students should re-download their programs and then they can practice on the table and/or receive last-minute instruction from you or mentors.

As classes come in, please seat them on the floor similar to how you see them in the picture above. Obviously, the table is in a different place this year, but we'll figure it out.

One team presents at a time. Other teams should be filling out their rubrics. This helps them to be more reflective and engaged. What you do with the rubrics afterwards is up to you. I also ran off teacher versions of the rubrics; again, you can choose to use them for a grade, but it's 100% up to you. If you'd rather not fill them out during the showcase, that's fine too.

After the Showcase

There's a 10-minute block after the last class leaves. This is just a time to get everything straightened up and put away.

There is one more week of school after the showcase. I know this week gets crazy. If you would like to cancel Buildologie, that is fine with me (but check with admin). Otherwise, I can talk to the mentors about having some kind of 1-day, relaxed engineering and/or team-building challenge for that day. Please let me know what you would prefer!

Finally, if you are thinking of re-shuffling your teams, now is a great time to do it!