Facebook "Like" Contest

Winner gets $250 to spend on ANY item(s) from Guatemala

Since our June launch, we've been blown away by all the support in spreading the world about Wanderled - from emailing friends and family to tweeting to inviting friends to "Like" our Facebook page. We're so grateful, because the faster we grow, the faster we can achieve our goal - expanding the marketplace for artisans all over the world.

Check out how much love our Facebook page has gotten so far!

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What better way to say thanks than to give away awesome Wanderled products?!

The contest is simple - the person who gets the most friends to "Like" our Facebook page between now and Sunday, July 14th at 6pm PDT will receive a coupon worth $250 to spend on any Guatemalans product on Wanderled. That means you could get:

  • A pair of boots, two belts, and a hammock
  • A tapestry, a table runner, and four clutches to share with friends
  • Enough pillow shams that you'll need two new couches
  • You get the idea!

It's easy to do:

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  1. Go to www.facebook.com/wanderled
  2. Find the "Invite Box" directly under the header on the right side, which will show you how many of your friends already "Like" the page.
  3. Invite others to "Like" the page by clicking "Invite" individually or clicking "See All" to open a window that will allow you to invite multiple friends at once.
  4. Share Wanderled to your Facebook page to tell your friends about the contest!

How will we calculate who wins?

Before you enter the contest, take a screenshot of the Wanderled Facebook page when you're logged in to your Facebook account. This will show how many of your friends currently "Like" the page. Make sure you email this to info@wanderled.com so we know you've entered the contest!

By Sunday, July 14th at 6pm PDT when the contest ends, take another screenshot of the same page and email it to info@wanderled.com. We'll simply check the difference - for example, if five of your friends like the Wanderled Facebook page at the beginning of the contest and 50 friends like the page at the end, your "score" will be 45.

Good luck! If you have any questions, be sure to email us at info@wanderled.com!