Every body type is different,

don't hate yours!


Did you know about 1% of Americans have this dysmorphic syndrome? it is just as likely to happen to men as it is to women. In a study of 200 people, 78% have thought about suicide and 27.5% attempted it.

Sources: New Port Academy

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Are You Experiencing Any Of These Symptoms?

Physical symptom

You may need to feel like you need to constantly exercise, wear makeup, grow a beard, get constant plastic surgery, anything to cover up your flaws

Emotional symptom

You think that people only look at your flaws in a negative way and you think very negative about their body. You also could look in the mirror a lot or just ignore mirrors all together. The flaws can be imagined or not that big of a deal, but to you, it means everything. You might have a low self-esteem, substance abuse, or even suicidal thoughts.

Social symptom

Maybe you feel like you need to be housebound. You may not like to be in any pictures that could show your flaw. You may not have any close relationships with anybody and often skip school.

Behavioral symptom

If you see yourself as overweight, you might constantly exercise or not eat as much to try and reach that goal. if you feel ugly, you may wear lots of makeup or grow out a beard and mustache to cover up the blemishes they might have.

Other symptoms

Strong belief that you have an abnormality or defect in your appearance

Michael Jackson Had BDD?! Don't Worry, It's Not Only You!

Michael Jackson, the pop superstar, had BDD. He experienced it for a long time and hated his body and went through lots of surgery, but with the help of his fans, he grew out of it. his fans showed him that they admired him and that it was ok.

Sources: Health Research Funding