Buy the First Ever Motorcycle

By: Michaela Sonedecker

Information on the Motorcycle

- The first Motorcycle was first built in 1885

- Built by the German inventors Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach in Bad Cannstatt, Germany in 1885.

Advertisment Person talking:

Are you sitting at home with unpaid bills? Does your car cost to much to keep around, but your bike is the slowest thing on earth? Get a motorcycle selling in stores for only $216 today! Come on down and get a motorcycle today! The Motorcycles are selling quick so you better hurry. Just remember the word Motorcycle it will change your life forever!


You are sitting looking at your bills. You figure out that your car bill is taking all of your money for paying gas. You think and think! Wondering what you should do? A bike is too slow and a car is a lot of money for gas. Your brain can't think of anything to do! What do you do?

An idea hits you......

You saw this advertisement on the TV last night and you do the math and find out that buying a motorcycle is half the cost of a car. You do some research on the topic and also find that it takes half the gas a car does and it goes almost as fast as a car does! You jump up and down with joy!

You look up the directions to the car place........

Reflection Part 1: What I learned.....

I learned many things about the motorcycle from this project. First, it doesn't look like it did in the past it has come really far since the 1880's. Second, I really didn't know how it worked I just thought it had an engine a brake and a steerer to steer left and right. I was wrong. There is a lot more to it, like, the engine is a different engine then used in cars. Also some do not have turn signals the rider has to use their hands to say where they are going.

Reflection Part 2: Effect

There has been many effects with this product. It is used in a lot of movies now, many movies use them as cool rides to have. Many people have them, like bikers are the most people who own motorcycles, I guess they like it better than cars. When it first came out it did have a big impact on the country many people used them for the war instead of horses they used motorcycles to ride and fight the enemy. It also is another easier thing to use if it's just you, you can use it a lot and don't have to spend money on a lot of space in a car.

Reflection part 3: Explaination

I chose to use the Repetition persuasive technique. I wanted to use this because I felt that saying it a lot in the paragraph gets it stuck in the readers/watchers/listeners heads more than just saying it once. If you say/read/listen (to) something over and over it is more likely to get stuck in your head, it gets stuck in your head, all you do is think about it, boom, you end up buying the product.