Delicious Language Appetizer

By: Tia and Mridula

What is a language?

A language is a form a of spoken communication. Language is mixture of sounds that large groups of people understand the meaning and usage of. Regions often have similar sounds, vocabulary, and grammar.

A dialect is...

a variation in a language in which people of one language have variations in speech, in other words different accents and different words like pop and soda or the way you pronounce caramel.

Some examples are...

- British spoken English

- Irish English

Isogloss... Why It Matters

Isogloss is a word usage boundary, for example the use of the game known as telephone in the United States, a game in which a phrase is passed on and at the end the phrase is said out loud and people hear the difference of the phrase, is also known as Chinese whispers to the eastern hemisphere. It matters because it helps because it differentiates climates in different regions based off of certain words and phrases.


Represent ideas or concepts not specific pronunciations. An example of this is the Chinese written language.

Extinct Languages

There are thousands of extinct languages, examples include Latin, Adai, Sanskrit, and many other languages. These languages still live on because you can see root words in a vast majority of languages for example, you can see Latin and Greek roots in modern English. Like tele- from Greek. The definition of an extinct language is one, language, that was in use but is no longer spoken or read by anyone anyone in the world.

Isolated Language

A language unrelated to any other language and therefore not attached to any language family. Most isolated languages are from tribal groups an example is the Amazon tribe.

Lingua Franca

It is a language that is globally communicated, in other words it's a globally recognized language. Examples include, English, French, Spanish and German. These languages can be found all over the world. English is the most popular official language used internationally in places where most people do not commonly speak English.