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December 2022

Tech and Media Holiday

Security Awareness

Last month many of you received emails from "" asking you to visit a website, download files and run tests on your computer. Most of our staff did not click on the link and deleted the email. Great job!

This email is part of our ongoing training program to help us all become better at identifying phishing attempts and improving our security practices.

When in doubt, take a screenshot and submit a tech ticket with the screenshot attached. Never reply nor click any links unless you are confident the email is legitimate and from a trusted sender.

We are pleased to report that less than 1% of staff clicked on the website link. Thank you for being alert and helping us improve the security of your data and information!

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Apple Education Community

Media Spotlight: Lexington Senior High School

Fall 2022 has seen a major change in the Lexington High School library space: We’ve taken out bookshelves, weeded many old titles and added many more exciting new books. As a result, our circulation has increased 58% compared to this time last year!

Students are currently rehearsing for the school news show, which will start in January. Once the news show is up and running, we hope to begin a school podcast.

The library is always a popular place for students who want a quiet space to work during lunch. Sometimes that involves getting help with classwork, college essays, college recommendations and more. Finally, the TRIO college prep program continues to use the library for lunch and learns, college reps speak to students and occasionally local businesses use the library to speak with students.

Lexington City Schools

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