Burton's Bulletin

March 21, 2015

Welcome Back

I hope you have had a fun and restful spring break! My husband and I have been working on packing our house to move. We are excited to move, but it is a lot of work! :) Due to closing dates and moving I will have a sub on Tuesday and Thursday this week.

Famous American bags, books, and completed papers are due Monday, March 23rd. Thank you for helping your child with this exciting project.

Loving Learning



We will work on becoming more fluent while reading. We will also work on comprehension skills before, during, and after reading.


We will begin a new fictional writing unit. This week we will work on creating a character with a beginning, middle, and end. We will work on using exciting words to bring the story to life and they students will use a checklist to see what they can add.


We will begin a new geometry unit. The students will identify plane shapes, make an organized list, identify properties of plane shapes, build with shapes, and make new shapes from shapes.


We will discuss fair tests and go through the steps of the scientific process. We will complete several experiments this week using peeps. If you volunteered to send items, please send them in on Monday the 23rd.

Important Dates


23--Famous American homework due

25--Sonic Night

26--Spring Pictures


2--Kindergarten Round-up 5:30/PTA mtg. 6:30

6--Fuzzy's Taco Night

7--Spring Conferences 4-8

9--Parade of Bands

22--Famous American Presentations--more info to come

24--No School