An Evaluation of a New Deal

Something had to be done to look at and solve the problems of the Great Depression. So the president took action and created a new deal.
Roosevelt was the one who created this new deal that was looked at as a very good change that was needed. His plan was seen as a great idea and helped many things that did not bring the country down and possibly saved it from its dwindled economy.
Many things were helped and assesed through the new deal. Millions of jobs were created. The stock market was monitored better to prevent future collapses. The social security system was changed and expanded, it stayed one of the most popular government programs for the rest of the century. This was the first time in peacetime history that the federal government took responsability for managing the economy.
The congress of industrial organization benefited laborers with certain protections. African Americans and women only got limited help from certain legislative programs but FDR did not focus on civil or women's rights. During this time FDR kept America on a safe path when everyone else had low economic moral.
Although even with all this advancement the new deal did not fulfill its main priority which was to end the depression. In 1939 the unemployment rate was 19%. Only the spending of money that was used to enter the second world war was enough to pull us from our economic downfall.
There were many critics that said FDR's plan did not or would not work and had hardly effected the economic crisis. Others said he had abused his power and that he set the trend for "imperial presidency". But even with all of the criticism he fought through it and ultimately helped the nation though its hardships when no one else could.