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May 2015

DCP Coaching Days

Are you interested in learning more about the DCP? Are you interested in being a leader and resource at your school site? We are offering DCP coaching days in the late spring and early summer. This training will enable you to use the DCP's many resources both in your own teaching and for students to use in their assignments. You will also learn how to be a resource for your staff as well. To register, click on the link next to the day you are interested in.

May 20 (

May 29 (

July 10 (

July 28 (

Please contact Leslie Kelsey (, Cindy Dunlev (, or Jonathan Hunt ( for more information.

Text to Speech on iPad

If you and your students access the DCP on iPads there is an easy way to get the iPad to read aloud the articles that you pull up online. This video makes it simple.
Making your iPad read aloud. (Text-to Speech)

World Book Timelines

Timelines are a wonderful feature of World Book Online. Watch this 5 minute video tutorial.
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EBSCO Point of View Reference Center

Point of View is an important Common Core State Standard, and no resource in the DCP will help you and your students study this as much as the Point of View Reference Center. Watch this short video tutorial.
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