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What's new in Spanish class?

The Flipped Spanish Classroom

Letters about the flipped classroom were sent home with students last week along with a video that explains what "The Flipped Classroom" is (posted below). Please make sure you read the entire letter and watch the video so you will understand what is going to be happening starting with the next chapter in Spanish class (2B). This is a strategy that is going to greatly benefit all students!

I have been easing them into the process by having them watch the first couple video lessons in class and walking them through the "WSQ". They got to have their own laptop and watch the lesson at their own pace this week (videos posted below). This was done in class to help them understand what they should be doing at home once the class is flipped. If your student will be requiring the video lessons be put on a thumbdrive/ USB then they can bring it to me any time to get the videos for them to watch for review. Please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. I would love to hear your feedback!

Introduction to my Flipped Spanish Classroom

Spanish Class Shirt Designs!

Shirt order forms and money are due November 27th 2013!

Spanish Shirts

Your child may order any of the 3 Spanish shirt designs they want! They helped design them and are very excited about them! Order forms were sent home with them this past week and an email with the updated order form (which includes all 3 designs and some updated pricing) was sent out to all parents recently. Please refer to the new order form that was emailed to you due to the addition of the third design which some students really wanted and pricing changes. Students did not receive these new forms yet so they are unaware of these changes.

Order forms and money should be turned in by November 27th. We are hoping to get these in before Christmas! There won't be any extras ordered so if you would like to get your child a shirt then order now! They would make a great Christmas gift! You can make checks payable to "Bedford Middle School".

Flipped Classroom Video Lessons - Chapter 2A

Below you will find the video lessons your child watched in class this past week. These are the types of videos they will be assigned to watch for homework when they start the next chapter. All video lessons will be posted on my YouTube channel "ProfesoreHirschman". However, you will be able to find the direct links to these videos on my homework website and on a website called "" (however the use of this website is optional). Feel free to watch the lessons along with your child and learn Spanish with them!

Pronunciación de capítulo 2A/ Pronunciation Review of Chapter 2A
Flipped Spanish Lesson on Subject Pronouns- Capitulo 2A
Flipped Spanish Lesson on Present Tense -AR Verb Conjugation: Capitulo 2A

Please contact me with any questions!

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