Austin Block


Sharing thoughts, questions, ideas, and solutions.

Without communicating there would be less inventions in the world, for example Lewis and Clark had talk to each other about where they were going to next. Without communicating they would have gotten lost.


Working together to reach a goal, putting your talents, abilities, and smarts to work. Working together is much better than working alone. As they always say two is better than one. If Lewis and Clark didn't work together neither of them would have successfully explored America.

Critical thinking

Looking at problems in a new way, linking old ideas with new ones to develop new learning. Doing things the same way every time does not always work. Sometimes you need to try new things.


Trying new ways to get things done = innovation and invention. Everything would be boring if it was the same! In fact I could not be writing this page if I didn't have any creativity! What I'm trying to say is creativity what makes us who we are.