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Ethan Owen

Software Engineer


Do you have what it takes?

There are 3 different categories of skills, Specific, General and Soft skills. Each job will have it's own selection of Specific skills - they're specific to each job role. Some jobs will share General skills, such as problem solving or strong communication skills. Most jobs will share Soft skills such as punctuality, flexibility, or dependability.

Specific Skills

MI5 are looking for a Software Engineer with great experience in multiple programming languages including:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • C++
  • Python

Having the ability to use multiple programming languages is a specific skill for a Software Engineer as it applies directly to their job. A Software Engineer could demonstrate their ability to manipulate the use of multiple programming languages by submitting a portfolio or previous work or by working on a multi-language demo project.

General Skills

An ideal candidate would have exceptional Problem Solving, Punctuality and Time Management skills with the ability and willingness to adapt and take on new challenges.

Problem Solving is a general skill as it applies to many different roles in many different jobs. It is relevant to Software Engineers as they must have the ability to troubleshoot bugs in the programs they create.

Soft Skills

Furthermore, an ideal candidate would be approachable, able to explain issues to clients in the interests of taking preventative measures and be a strong team worker.

A Software Engineer may be called upon from time to time to assist colleagues in configuring or troubleshooting a PC. If you do not have an approachable attitude, colleagues may feel they can't turn to you when they need assistance. This is not ideal because it also impacts on your ability to work efficiently in a team.

Candidates MUST be able to pass a CRB check and a Class II medical.

Sales Associate

Hugo Boss

Are you the Sales Associate we're looking for?

Hugo Boss Liverpool have a vacancy for a salesperson which could just be you!

If you feel as though the following skills describe you as a person then you are definitely the one we're looking for.

Specific Skills

If you believe that you are an approachable person, then this is definitely the job for you. Being a Sales Associate requires constant interaction with customers so you must have the ability to converse and communicate sufficiently with our customers. Furthermore, you must be confident with your mental arithmetic as you can be put on the spot by customers who are expecting you to know prices of items in the store.

General Skills

To be able to work to the level we expect, you must be Enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is key to enjoying your work and so promotes a happy workplace. You must have the ability to sell new fashions to customers which requires Enthusiasm to show that you're passionate about the success of those items.

We expect that you always present a professional image while in store as we are an executive, professional brand and this image must have continuity.

Soft Skills

An ideal candidate would be Flexible, Punctual and Dependable. These are all examples of soft skills as they are attitude related. A person with exceptional punctuality usually has that 'can-do' attitude we're looking for.