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School Tour - "Excellent" Rating and Palmetto Gold Award

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School Tours

Tours of Gateway are on the first Friday of each month at 8:20. Please email our Instructional Coach, Katie Dell'Oso ( to let her know you will be attending.

A brochure about Gateway along with frequently asked questions are listed below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tell us about your Challenge program.

Students are tested in 2nd grade using CogAT and ITBS. These scores determine if they will be in Challenge. Challenge meets at the school, and the amount of Challenge time increases with the grade levels.

How are kids who are reading above their peers handled before 3rd grade?

Our district adopts the Fountas and Pinnell curriculum for reading, which is not based on grade level instruction. All students are taught at their reading level as opposed to the grade level expectations. There is no ceiling on instructional level in any grade.

Is there an after school program? What are the details for that?

Yes, there is an Extended Day Program as well as after school enrichment groups. Enrichment groups vary each year, but include Lego Robotics, Cooking, and Gardening just to name a few. Please see our director, Marcie Bunch for more information. She can be reached at 355-5202.

Are the kids allowed to talk during lunch?

Absolutely, however conversations must be at an appropriate “inside voice” level when the music is not on. The music is timed to allow opportunities for our students to eat their lunch as well as to have conversations with friends.

What is the homework policy?

Our policy strictly follows Greenville County School’s Homework Policy and can be accessed through each child’s copy of the student handbook.

How often do they go outside?

Our students enjoy our beautiful grounds each day! This includes: 20 minutes daily for free play, 20 additional minutes to participate in our “Trailblazer Club”. Gym- 30 minutes weekly for (K4 beginning in October) and K5, 45 minutes weekly for 1st through 5th grades. Art- 30 minutes weekly for (K4 beginning in October) and K5, 45 minutes weekly for 1st through 5th grades. Music- 30 minutes weekly for (K4 beginning in October) and K5, 45 minutes weekly for 1st through 5th grades

How big are the classes and is there an aide?

Our K5 and special education classes all have paraprofessionals and the classroom teacher. Our class sizes vary from year to year, but are strictly monitored by our district to assure that size does not prohibit student learning.

We've toured Heritage and learned all about the IB program. Is there anything like that here were the kids aren't just working on worksheets all of the time?

Gateway does not agree with an excessive amount of worksheet activities. Our teachers assure that our students are given the very best educational experience, by providing a wide variety of hands on experiences, projects, group and partner work and centers and station rotations in all grade levels, just to name a few. Additionally, our teachers assure that each student accesses a wide variety of instructional technology tools to further explore extensions in learning.

Do the kids like being here?

We say “yes”! But not half as much as we love our students being here! Everything we do is for our Gators, as they truly define our purpose.

Do the teachers like being here?

Yes! Our staff is phenomenal and as invested in our community as we are in our school.

What sort of shot do we have of getting into Gateway with School Choice?

Please apply early and by the deadline. We are growing every year, and would love to add you all to our Gator family! Your odds of being accepted are much higher if all of the information is submitted prior to the initial lottery date.
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