Articles of Confederation

Yordi Bernabe 😼👌

What were the Articles of Confederation❓

The Articles were America's first form of government. They were weak because they did not want any more problems like they had with king George.

Strengths of the Articles 💪😈

Some of the strengths of the Articles were that they governed the nation during the revolutionary war. The second one was that they negotiated the treaty of Paris at the end of the war. The third one was the spread of land wich was called the Land ordinance of 1785. The last one wich helped the land turn into a state was called the northwest ordinance of 1787.

Weaknesses of the Articles 💆

Some of the weaknesses of the Articles were that they could enforce any laws. The second one was that they had a lacked of power to pick up (levy) taxes. The third one was they had a low power to regulate trades among the 13 states. The last one was that they needed the 13 states to approve changes in the Articles.

Positive and Negative/importance things of the Northwest Ordinance ‼️

The importance of the Northwest Ordinance is that it was a law that helped the land turn into a state. The positive thing that was about this law is that it added new land to our country. The negative thing about this law was about is that it required 60,000 people to be a state.

Cause and effect/positive and negative things of Shays' rebellion 🙅👐

Cause: All the farmers were started to get send to jail because they could pay there taxes and got all of their land taken a way.

Effect: Shays militia marches and stops the courthouses so if their isn't no court no law will be.

Positive thing: The articles of confederation were done.

Negative thing: Shays rebellion of farmers.