Human Impact on The Lithosphere

Module 7

What role does this play in the Lithosphere?

Deforestation changes landscapes. Without any trees, the areas can start to lose moisture which changes the terrain. It can also lead to Erosion. Trees anchor down the soil, when the roots are not there anymore there is nothing holding down the soil. Forest covers up about 30% of world's land. World's rain forests could completely vanish in hundreds of years at this rate of deforestation. The extreme temperatures are the effect of the massive removals of trees tat release tons of carbon annually. Oil drilling releases chemicals into the air, water, and land. These chemicals can cause skin infections. The metals used for pipes can collide and burst releasing even more harmful chemicals.

How Is This Topic Related to Other Topics?

When the roots of the trees are not there, water and wind can carry it off easily which can lead to Erosion. Erosion was a topic we talked about in Module 6. Another negative human impact on the Lithosphere is using chemical fertilizers in our soil. That is another topic that we talked about in Module 6. Chemical fertilizers ruin our soil, however, we continue to do it to receive better products. We are killing the microbes in the soil which help grow the plants that we eat. We are not thinking about the long-term negative affects. We have a lot of negative impacts on our home, Earth, however, we still have some positive affects. In module 7, I learned that recycling and energy conservation is really helpful which is something some do. In module 6, I learned that soil conversation is something big that many farmers have put to practice. Using humus, manure, or other natural fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers is one method. Another method is completely staying away from tilling which ruins the soil structure.

How it Indirectly and Directly Affect My Life?

Deforestation affects our life quality. The silt from Erosion that is caused when roots are not anchoring down the soil, enters lakes, streams, and other water; the same water we use. Deforestation represents 15% of the greenhouse gases. When people knock massive numbers of trees down, tons of carbon is released. Our odd weather and increase of extreme weather events are an affect of this. Our trees absorb precipitation and produces vapor that is released into the atmosphere. Our trees help help lessen the pollution of our world. They do this by acting like a barrier to polluted runoff.