The Stock Market

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Introduction of The Stock Market

The stock market is the organized trading of stocks; stocks are the partial ownership of a company. In the 1920’s the stock market boomed! Stock prices went up a ton and everyone who believed that investing in the stock market was a risky decision, were all investing because of the era in the 1920’s being so enthusiastic to change the way of life. As more companies got involved in the stock market more people invested and the prices of stocks went up. This caused a lot of people to rely on buying on margin, which was risky and depended greatly on the stock prices.

During the 1920’s people viewed the stock market as a short term investment rather than a long term investment. This was where the people got the idea that buying stock and selling it quickly when the prices were high was a way to make easy money! Eventually, the stock market was the talk of the country, everywhere you went people asked about the stock market and how prices were that day.

By 1929, people were desperate to get into the stock market. Banks placed their customer’s money in the market to try to boom prices again, and companies placed a great deal of money into the stock market. There are many steps leading into the great stock market crash of 1929. Many were to blind by the high prices and the thrill of trying to get rich quick; therefore they didn’t notice all the signs until America fell into a great depression.

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