Franklin House

Week of February 3, 2014

English Language Arts

Miss Warnke:
In class this week we will continue writing our name research papers. We will also continue working on our lit circle books. Most groups will be finishing this week and working on their final book project. 

Mrs. Allen: Our focus is on Main Idea and Details. Students will also be putting the finishing touches on their research paper. Please ask your student to read it and help with corrections.

Ms. Naze: Students are learning author's techniques in writing including point of view and text structure. Students are doing a great job making progress in Achieve.


Math 4: This week we will continue working with integers. We will also be finishing and testing on Part 1 of Unit 5. The test will include writing and solving algebraic expressions and equations and using the distributive property to simplify and combine like terms.

Math 7, 8: This week in math we will be starting Unit 6 which focuses on finding volume of 3 dimensional prisms using fractions and real world situations.


We will be finishing up our Astronomy unit this week. Our big chapter 4 test will be next week Monday or Tuesday. Please help your student study over the weekend for this test.

Social Studies

We will be wrapping up World War I this week and the outcomes for the US during this time.

Parent Teacher Conferences - February 20th and 25th

The link will be active the February 10th. Please sign up with your child's Language Arts teacher. You will find the link on the Lineville News Page.