Become a freelance graphic designer

A guide on how to become a freelancer graphic designer

Working as the freelance graphic designer job is considered as a stepping stone to running a promising business and a lucrative career itself. As a former freelance graphic designer, I have observed, that there are innumerable hurdles to come in the way and you need to make your own way to a freelancing graphic designing career.

What is freelancing graphic designing job?

A freelance graphic designer preforms the same set of duties as a graphic designer. As a freelancer, he usually works from a house. He creates visual and lays out advertisement like catalogs, brochures, etc.

Graphic designing is the profession which blends visual communication with words, images and images in order to represent the entire information to the audience. In a layman language, graphic designing deals with beautifully creating visual designs by using a computer, which convey a right message to the viewer. Moreover, graphic designing is the artistic and professional discipline that mainly focuses on visual communication and presentation towards delivering a right message.

Trust me, when I am saying that it is a boon to be a graphic designer in India. Unlike western nations, where graphic designers need to be specialize either in graphic content or vector art, here Indian companies look for an all-rounder.

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The graphic designer is a specialist who is involved in solving different problems which are related to visual communication. Also, the specialist graphic designer possesses skills in drawing, layout, typography and diagramming. If you want to become a freelance graphic designer, it is advised to pursue a graphic design course in India. There are various courses related to graphic designing and Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) is one such course and the tenure of the course is 3 years. Also, there is a diploma course of 1 year in visual communication. In order to do these courses, one needs to complete Class 12th in any subjects. If you want to take part in these courses, it is crucial to have a deep passion and interest in graphic designing.

I hope the below college list will give a clear idea about leading colleges which are offering graphic designing courses in India-

=> Industrial Design Centre IIT, Bombay

=> National Institute of Design, Gujarat+

=> Department of Design, Guwahati
=> The National Association of Schools of Art and Design
=> Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune
=> Frameboxx Animation and Visual Effects, Mumbai

What is the scope of graphic designers?

Today graphic designers are needed in almost all industries, like advertisement, digital marketing, print, etc. To get good freelancing graphic designing projects, you should be aware of tools like flash, dream weaver, photo shop, etc. Also, due to the technology advancement in fields like video gaming, entertainment, etc., there has been a high demand of a good graphic designer. Moreover, with the advent of the internet, it is possible to take up the graphic designing project of a client sitting in another continent. When you get such freelance graphic designer jobs, you get a chance to earn a lucrative amount. Also, you get more work exposure. There are various profiles exist in the graphic designing field like creative directors, art workers, etc.

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How to find a freelancer graphic designer job?

When it comes to getting your first freelancing project, it really about using your contacts. Also, you can find good freelance graphic designer jobs online also. There are various leading job portals like CareerBuilder, etc., which have a long list of freelance graphic designer jobs. You can directly contact the concerned person and start doing.

How much can you earn from freelance graphic designer jobs?

What you will earn as a freelancer, it would depend on a conglomeration of factors like your experience, client, etc. I have so many friends who are working as a freelancer and they all are earning handsome amount. As a freelancer graphic designer, you can earn Rs 5000-6000/project. If you are working for a multinational company on a freelancing basis, then you can even earn Rs 25,000-35,000/month.