Google Classroom

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Classroom 101
Tutorial: A Guide to Google Classroom (2015)

Google Classroom

  1. Log into your district Google account ( and then access Google Classroom.
  2. Click here to read the steps to setting up a Google Classroom.
  3. If you are a visual learner, you might want to watch the set-up videos above.
  4. The first time you set up a Classroom, the program will walk you through a TOUR with clickable tags that describe each function.

Miscellaneous TIPS

  1. Because Google Classroom assignments "stream", some teachers like to create separate Google Classrooms for individual units. This keeps all of the information, resources, and assignments together and searchable. This makes each Google Classroom like a course module.
  2. When an assignment is posted in the stream, a Google Calendar is created that will show students due dates in their view.
  3. The ABOUT tab is a great place to put resources, videos, and links that students can access easily throughout the year.

Student View

  • Go to your Google Account and then open Google Classroom.
  • Click on the JOIN A CLASS at the top and enter the class code: oox2vhg
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Download the Google Suite to your iPad!

You will need to download:

Google Drive

Google Docs

Google Classroom

to be able to access and post to your Google Classroom on-the-go.

A Quick Look at The New Google Classroom iPad App
Click here for Google support.

This is the official Google Classroom Help Center.

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