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Egypt lies in Africa's northeast corner. Vast deserts sweep over most of the country. Egypt is so full of sand and it has so many amazayn things to see! Egypt is a large country that is the same size of Texas and New Mexico together.Egypt's people crowd into less than 4% of the land, which is an area about twice the size of Maryland.

The 411 on Egypt

The Nile river

For centuries, the Nile's waters would rise in the spring. The swollen river carried silt, or small particles of rich soil. When it reached Egypt, the Nile flooded its banks. As the floodwaters withdrew, the silt was left behind, making the land better for farming.

Sahara desert

What is the largest desert in Egypt? The largest desert in Egypt is the Sahara desert. The Sahara desert is about the size of the U.S. Also, did you know that the word Sahara comes from the Arabic word "desert"? I bet you didn't.


Egypt's main source of energy is oil, found in and around the Red Sea. Petroleum products make up almost half the value of Egypt's exports. Egypt is developing a gas export market as well. The country also has phosphate.A phosphate is a mineral salt used in fertilizer.

Aswan dam

What are some of the good things about the Aswan dam? The Aswan dam gives people control over the Nile's floodwater. It also allows farmers to harvest 2 or 3 crops a year.

Suez Canal

What are some facts about the Suez Canal? It's a human-made waterway. Ships use the canal to pass from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea. That also helps avoid traveling all the way around Africa. It separates the Sinai peninsula from the rest of Egypt.