Coverings & Surroundings

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Unit Description

This unit is about area, perimeter, surface area, and volume. First we measured the area and perimeter of storm shelters. Then we colored in nets and measured the area of each 2D shape to find the surface area of each 3D shape. Finally we filled up a box with centimeter cubes and we figured out how many cubes fit in the box until it was filled to the maximum.

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What is perimeter?

  • Perimeter is the measurement of the outside of a shape. You find this by adding all the sides. Perimeter is measured in units.
  • Perimeter = add all sides
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What is area?

  • Area is the measurement of the inside of a shape there are different formulas for the different shapes but one example is length times with.

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What is surface area?

  • Surface area is when you have a net and you find all the areas of the flat edges and the middle of the net then add them all together. So it is pretty much the hole area.

  • Rectangle = length x width

  • Triangle = bxh/2

  • Parallelogram= bxh

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What is volume?

  • The space inside a 3-D shape.

  • LxWxH