Political Revolutions

By Cody Skaggs

What is a Political Revolution?

A political revolution is a changing point in politics and government. A revolution could range from a few people signing a petition to a riot in the streets. No matter how it starts, it always ends in a decision that changed history. Some examples would be the American Revolution, The Stonewall Riots, and the Civil Rights Movement. A pro of a political revolution would be to solve a problem with the government, however a con of a political revolution would be police brutality could rise against you.

A few revolutionary moments!

The American Revolution:

  • America broke away from Britain.
  • America established a government.
The Stonewall Riots:

  • Riots in the streets of New York City by the LGBT community.
  • Lasted about four days straight.
  • Caused by police raids at gay bars.
The Civil Rights Movement:

  • Started to end discrimination against all people.