Analysis of Judy

Haily Soldner English 11

Character Traits

Judy is a sad young woman struggling along with her family in her transition from young girl to womanhood. She shows her sadness through rebelling with the other "kids" in her town. Judy rebels by smoking and acting promiscuously with her boyfriend, Buzz. Judy wears a lot of makeup to appear beautiful to herself and raise her self-esteem. Judy usually feels inadequate because of the lack of attention she receives at home. By surrounding herself with these "kids" she feels happy through attention from men, which she is lacking from her father.

Rebel With a Cause

Judy's rebellion stems from the lack of affection she receives from her father. She feels unwanted and unloved at home. As Judy grows from a young girl to a young woman, her father is struggling with how to show is affection to her. He feels it is inappropriate for her to kiss him on the cheek because she is "too old." Judy's father loves her, however, Judy does not feel this is true. They are both struggling with this transition and Judy takes out her frustration through rebelling. She seeks attention from a male figure so she surrounds herself with young boys in her school. These kids have a large influence on her because of her desire to feel acceptance. She will go along with anything they ask her to do just so she can feel acceptance and affection. She also wears her makeup to attract the attention of these boys, by doing this she feels pretty to herself because she is receiving the attention she is lacking.

Has Judy Learned?

Judy's character evolves throughout the movie, she gains trust of both herself and others. She learns, through Jim, that she can feel loved by someone. She may still struggle with her feelings toward her father but she now does not feel the need to rebel because she finally is in love with someone who shows affection back. She learned that it isn't all about receiving the attention but also giving it back will make her happy.


There was a very important lesson portrayed throughout this film. The main lesson was how dysfunctional families can lead to rebellious children. However, these children were not rebelling to seek attention, but because of attention you were lacking at home. They were coming together to feed on the attention from each other. It represented the transformation of the characters becoming a man or woman and maturing. They all matured through lessons learned.

The Mansion Symbolism

The mansion was an important symbol of the family they were all wanting. They all lacked some familial element in their lives that they pretended they had in the mansion. Judy found love through Jim, and Plato felt parental love through Judy and Jim. Jim took care of Plato like he was his son. Plato repeatedly said, "Don't leave me, Jim." This symbolized his feeling of always being left by his parents, he found Jim as a friend and wanted him to be that father figure to him. In the mansion they ran through the rooms and played "house."

Plato's Mismatched Socks

Plato's mismatched socks being there for him to help him sort his socks. Plato was essentially on his own at hos symbolized his lack of guidance in his life. He had no one to lead him to make the right decisions or help him in his everyday life. His mother being gone, could not match his socks for him like a mother normally would. By his socks being mismatched, it showed his need for guidance in his life.