Kurt Cobain

Top Ten Facts

10 . Boddah

Boddah was Kurt's imaginary friend from childhood, he addressed him in the song "Lithium" when he says " I'm so happy. Cause today i found my friends. They're in my head," he also addresses his suicide letter to his dear friend, Boddah.

9. Differences

As a young boy Kurt believed he was and "Alien" and that his parents found him and adopted him after his spaceship left. It was something fun, but it made him feel like he had a special reason to be here, something like improving his self worth.

8. Insecurities

Kurt had severe body issues, causing his slim frame from his weight struggle. So to add a little bulk he wore layers of clothing in which everyone just assumed was his "style".

7. Equalities

He suffered lots of bullying in school for befriending a homosexual student, and then being considered gay himself. After a performance at Saturday Night Live the three Nirvana members decided to french kiss on the end credits pissing the show runners off. In his personal he wrote “I am not gay, although I wish I were, just to piss off homophobes.”.

6. His love for Love

Cobain met Courtney Love n 1990. she was interested from jump but he wasnt ready for a relationship. In 1991 the began a relationship and in 1992 she discovered she was pregnant. They soon got married and when asked to describe their love he said “It’s like Evian water and battery acid. And when you mix the two? You get love.”.

5. His Reads

Kurt once said his favorite book was Perfume by Patrick Suskind, stating he read it like ten times. When asked why it was considered his favorite he stated 'I just read it again and again and again. Because I'm a hypochondriac and it just affects me. It makes me want to cut my nose off.".

4. "Little Old Lady"

Kurt was most known for his rebellious and dare devilish ways , but it was said that they never let him drive on road trips not because he was dangerously but he was extremely careful. According to his then-girlfriend, Tracy Marander his driving was similar to a “like a little old lady”.

3. Smells like teen spirit.

Weird Al Yankovich , parodied Kurt's hit song "Smells Like Teen Spirit" when everybody kind of figured he'd have a fit he replied that he was delighted and honestly that's when he knew they made it big, Nirvana had made it. He considered Yankovich "a musical genious".


Kurt Cobain once considered going to the Navy, he had met with a recruiting officer to discuss all of his options. But it wasn't the right plan for him.

1. Drugs

Known for his severe drug problem, Kurt didn't necessarily do it for the thrill. He had horrible stomach pains even as a child and heroin happened to be the only fast and easy way to take not only that but all his pains away. But it soon took his sanity and some say the reason he took his life.