By Braden Bussing

Biography Information

-Donatello was born in Florence, Italy around 1386, and died December 13, 1466

-Traveled to Rome with his friend Filippo Brunelleschi, where both of their interests in "classical antiquity" depened.

-Trained by Lorenzo Ghiberti as a goldsmith.

-"Donatello's workdemonstrated his understanding of Roman portrait sculpture as well as the heroic nude"(Cited Below).

-Created mostly carvings/sculptures such as the David

-Patrons involved with Donatello were Cosimo and Piero de' Medici

Work Cited: "Donatello." World Eras. Ed. Norman J. Wilson. Vol. 1: European Renaissance and Reformation, 1350-1600. Detroit: Gale Group, 2001. Gale Biography In Context. Web. 30 Jan. 2013.

The Work


-The date of the creation of David is unknown, but it was for the marriage of Piero de' Medici's son in 1469

-"Donatello's David was the first free standing bronze nude of the Italian Rennaissance". This shows the significance in the piece because of its rare form.

-This piece is so interesting because it has traveled through history for so long, and is still such a known piece of history today. This means it has to have some kind of extreme significance in it


-Humanism: The piece focuses on the human figure, and is not based off of religion, but a patron's love.

-Secularism: The church was not involved at all with this statue, it was paid for by patrons, showing that they had money, and the church did not controll art like it used to. Art is about the people.

Work Cited: "Museo Nazionale del Bargello, Florence" Donatello. Web 30 Jan. 2013