Festival Cruise

A fun exciting cruise that you won't want to miss!!!

Just wait until you enter this cruise ship, you will be amazed!!!

Our wonderful cruise ship will catch your eye as soon as you walk on board as everywhere is designed like a festival.. would you want to miss out on having a good time?

Caribbean Cruise

Monday, Aug. 15th, 2:45pm

Southampton, United Kingdom

Southampton, England

Its getting closer to the time when this festival will be set sailing to the Caribbean!! All of the alcohol is being brought onto the ship for the launch, who is getting excited??

What will be happening?

At 2:30pm you will be getting ready to board the cruise.

At 3pm everyone will be on board the cruise getting to know each other with a drink.

At 4pm we will give you a health and safety talk so you will know what to do if an emergency does arise.

5pm everyone can start having a fabulous time after all the important stuff is over

Festival Cruise

We are one of the best cruise lines for people aged 18-35, if you're into clubbing and having a drink then this is the perfect cruise for you!!

About Festival Cruise...

This is an all inclusive 18-35 festival cruise which travels to the Caribbean, visits Barbados and the Mediterranean, visits Santorini for 2 weeks. You will get unlimited access to the pools and the bars, get as much sun as you want and meet fantastic people along the way!
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