Eat Healthy

Nutrition Tips

You should eat lots of fruits and vegtables

You should also cut down on the processed foods you eat

You need to also stop eating fast food because usually all the stuff for you is bad

classes of nutrition

the 6 classes of nutrition are water protein carbohydrates fats vitamins and minerals

Water, Vitamins and Minerals have 0 Calories and those are the best for you

protiens is really good for you. Carbohydrates are good for you but don't eat too much. Fats arnt good for you thats why its called fats because it will make you fat easily

What Causes Problems

The are some things in foods that cause problems when you get older.

like heart disease, diabetes and other diseases. Some of these things are Saturated fat, Trans fat. Sodium is good for you but if you eat too much it can be bad for you. One bad thing about sodium is that it makes you not feel hungry so you will keep eating products like chips and you will get fat.