Sport Supplements

By: Riley Galloway

illeagl sport supplements

Sport supplements claim to help athletes with many things, strength, endurance, body building and much more.

An MRHA investigation found that 84 illegal muscle gain products contained dangerous substances like steroids, stimulants and hormones.

Sport supplements can have dangerous ingredients which can lead to kidney failure, heart problems or seizures.

Legal Sport Supplements

Even legal sport supplements can cause harm. If you are taking medicine with supplements, it could cause the medicine to stop working.

Buying online also is not proven, many being scams.

Many supplements have "untested" drugs in them, and banned drugs.


Steven Saga a 24 year old male started using a muscle supplement called, "M-Drol," that he received online from

Saga started having side effects unknown they were related to M-Drol. Saga would wake up with itchy legs, and some nights wake up bloody from itching so much. Believing it was the detergent, he looked for answers from his girlfriend. After finding out there was no change in detergents, Saga stopped looking for why. Then, came yellow eyes but again Saga in denial refused to believe it could be anything serious. Until came the day he couldn't get out of bed, and was rushed to the hospital. Later to find out by many blood tests, Saga's liver was shutting down. It suggested he had taken steroids.

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