Okanagans Most Unwanted

Invasive Species

An Invasive species is an organism that is not native, and has negatives effects on our health, environment, and economy. Invasive plants and animals are the second greatest threat to Biodiversity.

How do they come to be?

Invasive species may have been driven out of there natural habitat or were to densely populated, in witch they had no choice but to find a new home.

What impacts do they have on ecosystems?

It all depends on what type of plant or animal the invasive species is. For instants if it is an aquatic animal, they could pollute or damage the water. If it was a bird they could populate trees, witch were already populated and drive the native species out. If the invasive species were rodents, they could make tear up garbage looking for food, and not only making a mess but they could also get very sick, they could also dig up holes looking for food or they could dig up flowers destroying gardens and parks.

Eastern Fox Squirrel

Common name and Scientific name

The common name is the Eastern Fox Squirrel.
The Scientific name is Sciurus niger.
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The Eastern Fox Squirrel a meduim sized tree squirrel and is reddish brown greyish in colour, it was a long fluffy tail, short ears and small eyes. Its legs and toes are very small, average length is 27 inch.

Known "Hangouts"

Eastern Fox Squirrels especially like to hang out in Walnut trees, and prairie like ground. in Osoyoos or Okanagan Falls.


The first Official Sightings was in 1980 near osoyoos at the International Border. The most recent sighting was not to long ago, just west of Lake Country.

Were did they originate from?

The Eastern Fox Squirrel Originated from Eastern and Central U.S.A from places like Florida, Texas, Kansas and a lot more.

How did they get here?

Since the Eastern Fox Squirrel has the natural ability to be more comfortable on the ground some ways away from trees lets them travel easily.

What did they do to negetivly impact the local ecosystem?

The Eastern Fox Squirrel is a recent invader to the okanagan and British Columbia and the effects of the species has not yet been studied. the least the Eastern Fox Squirrel has done is dig up flowers or dig holes or take over bird houses.

How do they Spread so Easily?

The Eastern Fox Squirrel reproduces very quickly and often making the population grow very fast, and since the Eastern Fox Squirrel doesn't have many natural predators, they tend to stick around.

The steps being taken to apprehend the criminals.

The Government is not doing much on trying o reduce the spread, only because they are to busy with other invasive species or because the Eastern Fox Squirrel doesn't pose much of a threat. But if the Eastern Fox squirrel does pose a threat to you, then here are somethings you can do to help reduce the spread.
1. trap the Squirrels and drive then away to a safer environment
2. use squirrel Repellent
3. block all entrances (Chimneys, Attic windows, Bird houses, etc)

Fun Facts

1. The maximum life expectancy is typically 12.6 years for females and and 8.6 for males.
2. Most common tree Squirrel.