ER Snapshots

10 minutes. 10 Questions.

Yona Belfort

Occupation: Product Designer

Kids: Strand (11 months)

Lives in: Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Road Trip with Yona

1. What makes you angry?

Whoa, getting right into it, huh? I really don't like when people drop in on me surfing. I also don't like when people don't treat others equally....especially when I'm the one being treated poorly. (He also seems to get angry when he spills ketchup out of his Wendy's chicken sandwich onto his lap)

2. You're allowed to ask a single person in history (alive or dead) one question. Who would you choose and what would you ask them? Hmmm...I would probably like to ask Hitler why he was such an ass hole. I'd also like to ask someone great like Nelson Mandela a lot of questions... (Someone clearly didn't understand MY question)

3. What was the biggest challenge you've ever faced?

Besides the Penobscot River about 4 hours ago? (Sidenote: We had just gone white water rafting on the Penobscot River and our boat completely flipped everyone out of it, leaving us all victim to class five rapids. TERRIFYING experience for all of us involved.) I guess the biggest challenge I've ever faced was when my mom was suffering from depression. That was some heavy stuff. I still think about it all the time.

4. Tell me a joke.

You tell me a joke. (Will not disclose the jokes that went back and forth after that...)

5. Career wise, what has been your greatest accomplishment so far? I have two answers. For cool factor, I would have to say the Kelly Slater board shorts that I designed. But in terms of projects that really make a difference in the world, it would have to be the Call2Recycle boxes that I designed. Millions of pounds of batteries are recycled each year because of them and it feels really awesome to be a part of that. (I bet those board shorts made a real difference in a lot of surfer's lives too!)

6. What would you do with a million ping pong balls?

What wouldn't I do with a million ping pong balls? (Cop out....)

7. What was the last song you download on itunes?

OH! I'm going to play it for you RIGHT now. (Car starts to swerve into the other lane while he messes with his iPod) Roller Skates by the reggae band, Steel Pulse.

**Interview Intermission while he DJ's reggae music**

8. If you could trade places with anyone for a week... who it would be?

Kelly Slater. (He answered this before I even finished asking the question...someone's got a man crush!)

9. If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would play you?

What was that guy's name from the Hulk? (I spit out water laughing) No, no, I'm not saying I'm THE Hulk, but the guy who plays him.....he looks like me!! Eric Bana!! (Still laughing as I write this...)

10. Describe yourself in one word. Teachable. (Is that a word?) Probably not.