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February 8

Hello All!

I had a nice time visiting my mother this weekend. Her art work was displayed at a gallery in Gary Indiana (she began painting at 62), and the reception was on Friday. Six of the seven daughters were able to attend and she was thrilled.

It's nice to be back to warmer temperatures!

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Culturally Responsive Teaching

Did You Know? Please Read.

Many of our students come from very stressful homes. Here is a short video of the effects of stress on our brains. Think about integrating some meditation into your students daily routine!

Staff Meeting 3:15pm


  • Houston Share Out - Toni, Christie, and Marggi
  • Foreshadowing for next staff meeting
  • TELL Survey time

Smarter Balanced Testing Grades 3-8

Test Prep

The time has come! How are you getting your students ready to take the test? Here are some resources to begin to familiarize them with the specifics of taking the Smarter Balanced Assessment. The more comfortable students are with the format and the language of the test, the less anxious they will be. Please take the time to look at the test prep resources and make sure to give your students the opportunity to practice. CLICK HERE for district resources for your classroom.

District Announcements

District Goal

At their December Business Meeting, the School Board approved the following updates to the Strategic Plan language:

District Goal: WE empower all students to achieve post-high school success.

WE Expect Excellence

  • WE Teach students knowledge and skills for our evolving world.

  • WE seek, support, and recognize world-class employees.

WE Innovate

  • WE engage students with a variety of relevant and challenging learning experiences.

  • WE create learning environments that promote student achievement.

WE Embrace Equity

  • WE build honest, safe, and inclusive relationships with our diverse students and their families.

  • WE provide needed support so that every student succeeds.

WE Collaborate

  • WE work and learn in terms to understand student needs and improve learning outcomes.

  • WE partner with our community to educate and serve students.

ELPA21 Kindergarten and Grade 1

Receipt of Paper Testing Materials

All Kindergarten and 1st Grade English Learners participating in ELPA21 are required to complete a paper writing section of the assessment. The ELPA21 paper-pencil writing forms will be delivered to STCs by the end of January.

Grade 2 and Grade 4

CogAT testing February 1, 2016. Test booklets and test information will be sent to school principals. For your school's 2015-2016 CogAT testing schedule click on this link.

The Testing material is in your boxes!

Angela and Karla OUT

February 11 ALL DAY

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