The Battle of Gettysburg

the bloodiest battle in history


Do you know what the battle of Gettysburg was? If not you are going to learn all about the bloodiest battle of the civil war. In this book you will find out before the battle, during the battle and the results of the took place in a small town in Pennsylvania called Gettysburg. Both sides had lost thousands of troops and it took many days for wounded troops to recover.

Before the Battle

This gruesome battle started with simple plans. The head confederate general, Robert. E. Lee, had decided to take the supplies they needed from the town Philadelphia. They used confederate money that the union did not take. In a short time a large group of union soldiers found out this news. The leader of this group was Ulysses. S Grant. He sent a message to the head union officer and got permission to set ambush in the hills around a small town named Gettysburg. The plan was too ambush the confederates when they returned to Fredericksburg. This town they had the advantage and won.

The Battle

So far the plans for the union were going well not one troop had made it into Gettysburg. The battle lasted three days. Because the union was fighting to free slaves the freed slaves ether help fight in the battle or carried goods {like medical supplies and ammo} for canons and riffles. This helped a lot sense thousands of union soldiers were wounded. One famous death was when General Reynolds was shot in the head before leading his brigade {the Iron Brigade} into battle.


The consequences of the battle were major. It gave the union the win they needed. The win started the unions rise to winning the civil war. This battle also helped free slavery. In the end 51,000 troops were casualties {wounded, dead, or missing}. This battle and the siege of Chanlersville lead to no supplies the confederates needed for a number of miles away.


So this article proves that the battle of Gettysburg was the bloodiest battle in history. Some fun facts about the civil war are that in case the confederates won they had another president. This battle was a major lose for the confederates.