Monthly Wildcat News

Wilder School District πŸŽ„ December 2022

What brings you joy?

This month we are asking our students, "what brings you joy?"

We encourage you to focus on what brings you joy as well!

Wishing you peace, love, & joy this holiday season! - From the Wilder School District

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We are still open for learning!

While we have closed our buildings for in-person learning for the remainder of this week, virtual learning is still available. We intend to have our scheduled basketball tournament and elementary PTO dinner this weekend. Please stay home if you are not feeling well. πŸ™β€οΈ

In-person learning should resume Monday, December 12th.

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Table of Contents

πŸŽ„ Calendar Highlights & Updated District Calendar

πŸŽ„ Student Article ~ Winter Holidays

πŸŽ„ Staff Highlight

πŸŽ„ Elementary Student Council

πŸŽ„ Athletics

πŸŽ„ Community School

πŸŽ„ Book Release with Ms. Garcia

πŸŽ„ Human Rights Month

πŸŽ„ Superintendent Message

πŸŽ„ Elementary Update

πŸŽ„ PTO Christmas Dinner

πŸŽ„ Idaho Future-Ready Academy Update

πŸŽ„ Middle/High School Update

πŸŽ„ Parent University

πŸŽ„ Social Media & Contact Info

District Calendar Highlights

Early Release December 22

Christmas Break December 23 - January 6
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Introducing Mr. Ross Jones

Mr. Jones is Wilder Elementary's Vice Principal and the district's Business Manager. With his many roles, he is in high demand!

Mr. Jones loves people and is keenly interested in empowering children to successfully deal with an increasingly complicated environment. He has his Bachelor of Arts in Accounting, Master of Business Administration, and his Ed. S. in Educational Leadership. He has worked in nearly every position within the educational field, including school board chairman, teacher, janitor, front office secretary, business manager, landscaper, CTE Program Director, administrator, and vice principal. Entering the field of education wasn’t his first career choice, however, it is his favorite career choice.

He loves movies and enjoys restoring/collecting comic books. However, his favorite thing to do is spend time with his family.

Elementary Student Council

This year a small group of students from grades 3 through 5 are representing their classmates in the Wilder Elementary School student council. These student representatives are off to a great start! They are eager to serve their classmates and the community through public service and outreach projects. Recently they were provided with the opportunity to assist our food service personnel by decorating the lunchroom Christmas tree, and later this month, on the 22nd, they will assist Ms. Cruz and the Eastwind Community Church in handing out gifts to Wilder School District students. Additionally, they are putting together a plan to provide Wilder Elementary Students with an opportunity to enjoy hot chocolate and treats prior to the Christmas break. It is a privilege to work with these exemplary student representatives and future leaders who wholeheartedly and enthusiastically endeavor to serve their classmates and the community to which they belong.

~Vice Principal Jones

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Wilder High School Would like to congratulate the following Athletes for their conference awards for the 2022 season. Great Job Wildcats!!


Sr. Mariana Ramirez: 1st Team All Conference

Fr. Natalie Escutia: 2nd Team All Conference

Fr. Nancy Ramirez: Honorable Mention All Conference

Sr. Joelly Mendoza: Honorable Mention All Conference

Sr. Kimberly Arias: Honorable Mention All Conference

Senior All Star: Mariana Ramirez

Senior All Star: Kimberley Arias


Sr. Cristian Cuellar: 1st Team All Conference Offensive Utility

Sr. Cristian Cuellar: 1st Team All Conference Defensive Back

Sr. Raul Luna: 1st Team All Conference Wide Receiver

Sr. Raul Luna: 2nd Team All Conference Defensive End

Jr. Noe Anguiano: 1st Team All Conference Running Back

Jr. Noe Anguiano: 11st Team All Conference Linebacker

Jr. Bryan Jove: 1st Team All Conference Defensive Utility

Shrine All Star Selections

Sr. Santiago DeLaCruz: Senior All Star

Sr. Raul Luna: Senior All Star

Sr. Cristian Cuellar: Senior All Star

Sr. Felix Lopez: Senior All Star

Sr. Isaiah Lopez: Senior All Star

Basketball Season

We are several games into the basketball season. The teams are looking good and really competing. The boys are really excited that the season has started. We are hosting the Boys Rolly Lincoln Tournament on December 15th, 16th, and the 17th. We are also planning on hosting a middle school boys jamboree on January 20th and 21st. Please come support the teams throughout the season.

~ Coach Lopez

See the website for our current athletics schedule.

Football Banquet

The football team held their Banquet on November 10th and the turnout was outstanding. The celebration of the hard work the football boys put in turned out to be a great night as always. With over a 100 in attendance, one thousand wings, fifteen pizzas, and various salads, pastas, veggie trays, desserts all contributed to the memorable event. Parents and families were more than helpful with the setup, planning, and cleanup. Thank You!! After the award ceremony the boys all signed posters for all the seniors that they received on senior night. Perfect way to thank our seniors for their service over the years. A great idea by team mom Veronica Moreno who was a huge part of senior celebrations this year as well as the banquet. Thank you to the seniors of the 2022 season: Santiago DeLaCruz, Raul Luna, Cristian Cuellar, Felix Lopez, Isaiah Lopez, Francisco Cortez, Lucas WIllis, and Adrian Cisneros.

~ Coach D

Community School

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This time of year is super busy for our Community School Resource Coordinator, Anna Cruz. With the help of Family Liaison, Yukari Longest, Cruz is collecting and distributing generous donations from our community.

We are benefactors of many donors in our community and their kindness amazes us! This year Wilder’s Community School has been supported with grants from Casey Family Foundation and Idaho Community Foundation. These grants provide some much-needed resources and training to promote Community Schools and for our families. They will be getting a new printer in the Community School modular that will be available to families, and new signs have been placed on the doors that will direct families and donors to the right spot.

There is a huge need for shoes among our students and these grants will help provide new shoes that kids will be able to pick out! Cruz also hopes to get a refrigerator, so she can store perishable donations within the food pantry. Right now she has to find available space around the district to store donated meat and eggs.

Cruz takes such care in serving our Wilder school community. She washes and presses all donated clothing before placing it in her β€œboutique.” Cruz carefully curates the food and clothing pantry so that families feel comfortable coming there. Her love for the community and passion for her job is luminous. β€œIt really blesses me to meet all of the humble families in the community. It is what makes me love my job.”

The Community School is open by appointment. Please reach out to Anna Cruz if you have a need or want to donate. (208)337-7400 x 1503

We would like to thank our generous community donors for supporting Wilder School District.

Third Grade Teacher, Ms. Garcia Describes Her Experience Working With The Idaho Department of Labor.

This summer I was awarded the opportunity to work at the Department of Labor's Apprenticeship Division. During my five weeks, I collaborated with staff on creating a children's book titled Booper Dreams Big. It's the story of a dog who loves stars most of all. His dream is to help construct a satellite at NASA. Through hard work and the right support system, Booper graduates from NASA's apprenticeship program, and his dreams become reality. In this book, students learn that apprenticeship is a viable career option outside of traditional higher education. During my time at the Department of Labor, I also learned about the wonders of apprenticeship. I encourage all families to learn more about apprenticeships offered in the state of Idaho by visiting the Idaho Department of Labor's website.

The Idaho Department of Labor visited Wilder Elementary in November with Idaho's First Lady to read Blooper's Big Dream. See the book release article here.

Congratulations Ms. Garcia! Thank you for bringing such a neat opportunity out to Wilder.

December is Universal Human Rights Month!

The Universal month for Human Rights started in 1948, after the United Nations wrote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It states: β€œAll human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.”

Human Rights month is about acknowledging that people of different races, religions, cultures, & beliefs are still just people. Therefore, I encourage you throughout the month of December to learn about a culture that is different from yours so that we can treat each other with respect, kindness, and equality. Help spread peace & joy during this holiday season!

~ Ms. Albor

Message From Superintendent Dr. Dillon

β€‹β€‹πŸŽ…πŸΎ Ho, Ho, Ho, the snow and ice are here to stay for the next few months. The Wilder School District would like to share with you the process for school closure due to inclement weather. First and foremost, our primary goal is to have school as long as it is safe to do so. The decision does not rest solely upon the quantity of snow, but on the temperature in the morning and throughout the day, the anticipated snowfall throughout the day, and the accumulation of ice on the roads. School buses are the safest transportation services available for students.

The first step is to determine if buses can transport students safely. This decision begins at about 4 AM with the Brown Bus Company. They send out drivers to the areas where their busses will be traveling and they report back to the affected districts. School is canceled if they confirm that the conditions are unsafe for the buses. If busses can operate safely and we can have the campus snow mediated for student and staff access, then we are open for business.

In addition to Brown Bus’s assessment of the roads, we confer with local districts and staff unable to travel in from other communities. If we are understaffed we may not be able to properly supervise and instruct students.

In the event that the decision to cancel school is made, we will communicate with our families and community by sending out text messages to our school community, posting it on our webpage, and requesting that the local media publish our closure. If you do not hear or see a published closure we are open for learning. If you have any questions about the process please feel free to reach out for a follow-up conversation.


The Wilder Elementary Parent Teacher Organization is excited to host an elementary school family dinner on Friday, December 9 from 6 pm - 7:30 pm in Mercer. Dinner will be nachos. This is a free meal meant to build community and connection. Parents, bring your elementary students and enjoy a free dinner and a time to engage as a family and interact with fellow Wilder Elementary families.

If you would like to join the PTO, reach out to Ms. Golden at the elementary office, and she'll share your information and invite you to future meetings.

~Principal Dr. Zamora

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Idaho Future-Ready Academy

Idaho Future-Ready Academy has an awesome video featuring IFRA students! Thank you to all the students that walked all around downtown Nampa to record this great production so we can share the greatness of our school. See the link below.

Also, I want to remind you to keep your eyes out for both in-person social events and in-person labs in your area. We have monthly in-person labs. This is a perfect time to meet your teachers and get 1 on 1 in-person help. Because of the shorter month due to Winter Break, there is no social event in December; however, we'll be headed to the Discovery Center in January. Stay tuned for more details.

~Principal Dr. Zamora

Idaho Future Ready Academy 60s

Middle/High School

I want to wish you a happy holiday season and provide you with some insight into our learning model.

Our personalized, mastery-based learning model places our students and their needs front and center and supports them in developing qualities that inspire and empower them to advocate for themselves. It eliminates boundaries that could limit their success.

One of the main benefits of our district’s model is the freedom that comes from student choice. For example, one of our new policies this school year for elective classes provides students the opportunity to demonstrate a higher level of mastery, β€œDistinguished.” Students will do this by partnering with teachers to develop a path for teaching the standards to receive a grade higher than a B+, or 89%. What an exciting choice and opportunity for our students!

~Principal Lindsey

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