Woodlawn Early Years School

May 2021 Newsletter

Principal's Message

​It is hard to believe that we are in the final two months of the school year. As we start to plan for next year, there are some things I would like to highlight.

Last week a survey went home to families asking parents to talk to their child about which friends are good fit learning partners. Based on your responses we will make sure that your child has at least one friend in his/her class next year. We believe that it is important for students to have positive relationships with their teachers and peers. The process of making classes is very complex and one we take very seriously. When creating classes, the staff strive to create classes that are balanced and heterogeneous in all respects. We consider such things as student abilities, student/teacher match, students who are new to Woodlawn, male/female ratio, and equal class sizes.

Given the criteria used to generate class groupings, it can sometimes be difficult to accommodate requests to place a particular student with another student or group of students. It is equally difficult to accommodate requests for a particular teacher. We will do our best to accommodate requests, that are based on student specific needs, but we do not guarantee that requests will be honoured. Any such requests should be submitted in writing to me no later than May 14. Late requests will not be considered.

Given appropriate support at home and at school, it has been our experience that the vast majority of placements are successful. Where a placement is proving to be difficult, we ask that parents and students give it the time required for friendships and classroom community building to develop.

Thank you for your support,

Karen Fraser

Vice Principal's Message

Our spring weather has finally arrived. Our teachers are taking advantage of getting outside to explore and play. Getting outside in the spring (and all year) is an excellent way to nurture curiosity in our children. This doesn't just have to happen at school. Nurturing curiosity in your children outside is very easy. Children naturally have questions about what they see and notice outside in the spring. You may hear questions like: Why does the grass grow? What will grow in our garden? Can we garden in the winter? Where are the flowers? How do flowers grow? When you hear these questions or when you see your child noticing something, lean into their curiosity. Ask them what they think and explore their question together. It will probably lead to more and more questions.

I would like to give a big thank-you to our staff and students for cleaning up our school and school yard on Earth Day. They enjoyed getting outside and doing their part. We try to provide our students with many different ways they can learn how to take care of the world around them.

Tara Reimer

Learning Forward Days

On June 4 and June 7, Woodlawn students in grades 1-4 will participate in HSD’s Learning Forward Days. These days will be scheduled the same as the Strong Connection Days in September. Half the class will attend June 4, and the other half will attend June 7. The purpose of these Learning Forward Days will be to collect assessment information about each child to assist next year’s teachers in understanding each child’s academic progress and social-emotional well-being. Students will complete diagnostic assessments in the areas of numeracy, literacy, and social emotional learning (SEL). This is particularly important after a year of multiple adjustments in learning environments.

Parents are able to find out which day their child has been scheduled to attend by visiting the HSD Parent Portal. If you have any questions or if you need help accessing the Parent Portal, please call the school.


A friendly reminder, if your child will be away from school or will be late or will not be returning to school after one of the nutrition/activity breaks, please ensure you call the school at 204-326-6110 before 9:00 am or email woodlawn@hsd.ca to let us know. For your convenience, you may also leave a voicemail message before 8:00 am or after 4:30 pm. If you know ahead of time that your child will be absent please write a note in their agenda. When the school is not advised of an absence or late arrival, the office begins a call back procedure to parents and emergency contacts. Many of these calls can be avoided if parents call ahead to advise us of the absence.

2021-2022 Classroom Teachers

Mrs. Angela Martin - KM

Mrs. Kara Grant- KG

Mrs. Samuela Reimer - KR

Ms. Amanda Cipriano - 1C

Mrs. Jennifer Cuppage - 1JC

Mr. Chris Schroeder - 1S

Mrs. Angela Gosselin - 1G

Mrs. Heather Penner - 1P

Mrs. Marlene Funk - 2MF

Ms. Jessica Heier - 2H

Mrs. Pat Reimer - 2PR

Mrs. Leah Read - 2LR

Ms. Kristen Falk - 2KF

Ms. Kristen Reimer - 3R

Ms. Cathy Toews - 3T

Mr. Shawn Kehoe - 3K

Mr. Michael Bourget - 3/4B

Mrs. Andrea Dick - 3/4D

Ms. Jordyn Shaw - 3/4S

Mrs. Lisa Martens - 3/4M

Mrs. Jerilyn Koslowsky - 4K

Mrs. Simmy Gandhi - 4G

Mrs. Wendy Buhler - 4B

Morning Drop Off Time

Just a friendly reminder that there is no supervision outside in the mornings before school starts. Students are allowed to enter the building at their assigned entrances at 8:30 am. Please do no drop your students off before then.

Kindergarten 2021/2022

Kindergarten Registration is open online. If you live in Woodlawn’s catchment area and plan to send your child to Kindergarten in September 2021 but have not registered your child yet, please follow the link on our website. Please pass this information along to any friend, neighbor or relative who may have children eligible for Kindergarten and who might not be aware of the registration process. To be eligible for Kindergarten children must be 5 years of age on or before December 31, 2021.

Here is some additional information for those registered for Kindergarten 2021-2022

  • You should have received an email from the school with a questionnaire to fill out. If you did not receive this survey, please contact the office.
  • Starting the week of May 3, our learning support teacher for Kindergarten will begin calling new Kindergarten families. This will give you an opportunity to ask some questions and to follow up any information from your questionnaire.
  • We are hoping to do a meet and greet with the classroom teachers before the end of the year, but we are waiting to see what the restrictions will look like.
  • Please send in your Step 2 documentation if you have not done so already. Please email it to woodlawn@hsd.ca.

Bussing for September 2021

"Hanover School Division Transportation Department has been very busy this year trying to accommodate all the changes that we have been facing throughout the school year. In order to help us prepare for the next school year - if you know that you will be moving locations/returning from home school; you are welcome to call or email our office at any time before school starts at 204-320-2347 or email hsdtransportation@hsd.ca so we can ensure your child will have transportation set up for the school start up. We are open all summer long.

Traffic Safety

This week teachers are reviewing traffic safety with all our classes and practicing crossing the street safely. Here are some excellent resources for you to talk about traffic safety at home with your children.



Jump Rope for Heart

We are going ahead with our Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser this year. The fundraising can be done online and our Jump Day will be done during gym classes. Some important dates to remember for this is May 21 will be the start for fundraising and that will end on June 4. To wrap it all up June 3 and 4 will be our Jump Day event.

Grow A Row

For the last 10 years, Woodlawn students and their families have been involved in harvesting root vegetables for Southeast Helping Hands. We started with a Woodlawn Community Garden, and have since transitioned to inviting our families to donate from their own gardens, or to purchase and donate vegetables in the autumn. These vegetables have benefitted families in need, from our local community.

We are inviting Woodlawn students and their families, to participate in our fourth annual: Grow

a Row for Those in Need gardening campaign. We are looking for root vegetables like:

potatoes, carrots, onions, turnips, beets and squash.

Participating families are asked to send an email confirmation to Miss Kristen Reimer

(krreimer@hsd.ca) pledging their donation of one or more rows of root vegetables for our

project. In the case of crop failure, you are under no obligation to provide produce, unless you

so desire.

If you don’t plan on having a garden, but would still like to donate some root vegetables, your

contribution is greatly appreciated. Please stay tuned in the autumn for more details.

Your child will be sent home with a reusable bag for our collection week in the autumn. Stay

tuned for details in our September newsletter.

If you are interested in donating vegetables, please send a confirmation email to

krreimer@hsd.ca by Friday, May 21.

Thank you for your willingness to participate! We are excited to continue Woodlawn’s legacy

of giving back to our local community and teaching children how to be generous, thoughtful,

and caring citizens.


Karen Fraser - Principal

Kristen Reimer - Teacher Coordinator

Substitute Bus Drivers Needed

Are you looking for part time employment and want to start a new career? We are looking for spare school bus drivers for all areas of the division. You do not need experience or a class 2 license. We provide training with little cost to yourselves. You can drive as little or as much as you want. In the future regular positions can become available. Please call our office and talk to Robert if you have more questions.