by angel mckenna

the easy stuff

  • to begin with dialogue has quotation marks like these " " and if another person starts talking you need to start a new line.
  • also well we need to know where do I punctuate if I was type something like Jan said, "I cannot wait to get my Hogwarts." the period goes in the quotation marks because that was a complete idea but if Jan said "hi" and then the period will go after the quotations (or when the sentence ends).
  • when two people are talking there does not have to be a part that goes and then, Bob said , after every time another person is speaking

so here is some sample dialogue

I walked over to where the Gryffindor table was and sat near Ginny who was across from Weasley and Harry and she asks, “How was your summer Hermione?”

I reply, “it was OK in-tell you jerk of a brother cheated on me with Parkinson, how was yours Ginny” Ginny looked down disappointment

“me and Harry broke up because we were better friends then boyfriend and girlfriend. , and with the matching the idea of being with someone is not the smart idea, his words not mine”

“so are you upset with him?”

“no he was only doing what he thought was right also, I really am kind of board he just wants to have a normal life and that’s something I necessarily want ”. Then the first years started to walk in.

fast fun facts

well did you know

  • that dialogue can speed up the story
  • also can use dialogue as a filler and to let you know the other people in you story better!

what I used

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